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Art Nouveaum
Alphonse Mucha: Carriage Dealers    Art Nouveau has made itself know and present from 1880s to 1910s. This movement walked under the flag of an art that would break all connections to classical times, and bring down the barriers between the fine arts and applied arts. Art Nouveau was more than a mere style. It was a way of thinking about modern society and new production methods. It was an attempt to redefine the meaning and nature of the work of art. From that time on, it was the duty of art not to overlook any everyday object, no matter how utilitarian it might be. This approach was considered completely new and revolutionary, thus the New Art - Art Nouveau name.
   An artist should work on everything from architecture to furniture design so that art would become a part of everyday life. By making beauty and harmony a part of everyday life, artists make people's lives better. This approach has been represented in painting, architecture, furniture, glassware, graphic design, jewelry, pottery, metalwork, and textiles and sculpture. Advertising posters were welcomed into art, and fence has been proclaimed a suitable exhibition place for this new art. This was a sharp contrast to the traditional separation of art into the distinct categories of fine art (painting and sculpture) and applied arts (ceramics, furniture, and other practical objects).
   Because of typical flat, decorative patterns used in all art forms, Art Nouveau obtained a nickname 'the noodle style' in French, 'Le style nouilles'. Visual standards of the Art Nouveau style are flat, decorative patterns, intertwined organic forms of stems or flowers. Art Nouveau emphasized handcrafting as opposed to machine manufacturing, the use of new materials. Although curving lines characterize Art Nouveau, right-angled forms are also typical, especially as the style was practiced in Scotland and in Austria. Typical for this style was artistic application of modern industrial techniques and modern materials (unmasked iron in architecture for example). Principal subjects are lavish birds and flowers, insects and polyformic femme fatale. Abstract lines and shapes are used widely as a filling for recognizable subject matter. Purposeful elimination of three-dimensions is often applied through reduced shading. Art Nouveau artifacts are beautiful objects of art, but not necessarily very functional.
   Art Nouveau flourished in a number of European countries, many of which developed their own names for the style. Art Nouveau was known in France as style Guimard, after French designer Hector Guimard; in Italy as the stile Floreale (floral style); stile Liberty, after British Art Nouveau designer Arthur Lasenby Liberty; in Spain as Modernisme; in Austria as Sezessionstil (Vienna Secession); and in Germany as Jugendstil.
   Art Nouveau had its deepest influence on a variety of art and design movements that continued to explore integrated design, including De Stijl, a Dutch design movement in the 1920s, and the German Bauhaus school in the 1920s and 1930s.

 Main Representatives

ArtLex: Art Nouveau
French for "The New Art." An art movement and style of decoration and architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, characterized particularly by the curvilinear depiction of leaves and flowers, often in the form of vines...
innotts.co.uk: James' Art Nouveau Section
A Brief Overview - Art Nouveau refers to the "new" art that was produced during the two decades preceding and following the turn-of-the-century...
Mark Harden's Artchive: Art Nouveau
Artchive's overview of main artists, brief bios, image lists. Images available through the neat features of Artchive's detail exposing image viewer.
The Home of Qdesign. ART NOUVEAU
Art Nouveau is French for new art. The term was originally used in various articles published throughout 1884 to 1890 in the Belgian avant-garde publication Art Moderne...
Encyclopedia.com - art nouveau
decorative-art movement centered in Western Europe. It began in the 1880s as a reaction against the historical emphasis of mid-19th-century art, but did not survive World War I.
Roland Collection of Videos & Films on Art -Art Nouveau
1880 - 1925 Primarily a movement of the applied arts - interior and furniture design, architecture, book production and illustration...
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts: MODERNISM
CThe strains of European Art Nouveau soon found their way into American culture principally through ceramic and glass designs. The fondness for Orientalism, especially Japanese prints and ceramic glazing effects, influenced such leading figures as Louis Comfort Tiffany, Jacques Sicard, Artus Van Briggle, William Gates, among others...
AOL Hometown - Victor Horta: Nouveau Monster
Disclaimer: When I refer to Mr. Horta as a "Monster," I mean it in the most complimentary way. I believe that Horta is a genius of his genre. 'What a fantasist this architect is -- he must have his alternating lines and curves -- but he really is a "master" at them.' ...
Artcyclopedia: Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau is an elegant decorative art style characterized by intricately detailed patterns of curving lines...
Wanadoo: Art Nouveau World Wide
The HOME page of the Art Nouveau World Wide server : the most complete site about Art Nouveau on the web.
Art Nouveau World Wide Server: Art Nouveau Doors
A page-full of art nouveau doors with a link to art nouveau portal website. It is definitely worth browsing and exploring, probably the most in depth resource on art nouveau on the web...
Cupola: Art Nouveau Architecture
A multi page architectural gallery of Art Nouveau.
National Gallery of Art: Anatomy of an Exhibition - Art Nouveau, 1890-1914
Feature offers a glimpse behind the scenes during the planning and construction of the exhibition Art Nouveau,1890-1914 at the National Gallery of Art. ...
The most comprehensive site on Gaudí and Catalan Art Nouveau
Senses Art Nouveau Jewelry, exclusive Fashion ...
senses-artnouveau.com is the online catalogue of high quality art nouveau jewelry reproductions and women's and men's fashion accessories inspired by the ...

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