HerkulesGroup acquires RS Antriebstechnik GmbH in April. In december the company changes its company name and is now called RSGetriebe GmbH.

Relocation of RS Antriebstechnik GmbH from Immenstadt to Sonthofen into a new production and administration building.

Takeover by Gerhard Beer and renaming to RS Antriebstechnik GmbH.

Takeover by Roland Schwarz and renaming to Antriebstechnik Roland Schwarz GmbH & Co. (until his retirement in 2002).

The company ZMG was renamed to Philipps-Getriebebau.

The production of engines and spare parts for the Immen was discontinued, and from then on only gearboxes were produced.

In April 1952 Fritz Philipps established the company ZMG, Zweirad-Motoren-Getriebe GmbH.
The same year, his son Karl-Heinz began his educational training in the family enterprise. He completed academic studies as industrial engineer, and at a later date also managed the company. The main business of the ZMG company consisted of spare parts and repairing the steadily running Immen motorbikes.
Nevertheless, right from the start Fritz Philipps placed emphasis on a second pillar, which was the construction of gearboxes for custom-built machines.

After fabrication of approx. 12,000 Immen motorbikes the history of Riedel AG ended in November 1951 due to a production which was no longer cost-covering. However, the history of the Immen continued because one of the senior executives of the corporation decided to carry on: Fritz Philipps.

The Company’s history begins with Norbert Riedel, who in spring of 1949 with 370 personnel started the production of a light motorbike, called �Imme R 100“.
Because of the location in Immenstadt and the symbolism of a busy bee – which in German is also called Imme – the model designation �Imme“ was chosen.

Entry of Riedel AG into the Commercial Register.


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