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The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Strategy as Economic Policy

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About this Event

11 May 2011 @ 12:45

This event is sponsored by the "internet growth alliance" - www.alliance.ie

The Internet Growth Acceleration Programme (iGAP) is an intensive management development programme aimed exclusively at high potential start-up internet companies. This programme is run jointly by Enterprise Ireland and a group of foundation sponsors including Realex Payments, Arthur Cox, Worky, Qualcomm and Paddy Power.  The IIEA has been involved in this successful programme since its inception.

About the Speech:

Professor Isenberg specified practical principles and methods for public and private leaders and policy makers to create sufficient quantities of entrepreneurship to contribute to sustainable economic growth in their regions. 

Based on his 30 years’ experience as entrepreneurship researcher, educator and author; government advisor; venture capitalist and angel investor; and entrepreneur in Israel, the US, and other countries, Professor Isenberg addressed some of the following questions: 

-          What form of entrepreneurship is the most socially and economically important?

-          How much entrepreneurship is sufficient to create a virtuous cycle of successful entrepreneurship and successful  entrepreneurship ecosystem?

-          What is the entrepreneurship ecosystem strategy and what difference does it make?

-          How to avoid key mistakes public and private leaders make in entrepreneurship policy development?

-          Why are economic cluster strategies frequently ineffective and even detrimental?

-          Why is innovation not essential for entrepreneurship?

About the Speaker:

Daniel Isenberg joined Babson Global as Professor of Management Practice in July 2009 where he established and heads the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP) to help societies around the world create the policies, structures, programs and cultures that foster entrepreneurship. In June 2010 Harvard Business Review (HBR) published his “How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution,” as the “Big Idea” feature article, following his seminal HBR piece, “The Global Entrepreneur” (2008). 

Professor Isenberg has taught at Harvard (for 11 years), Columbia, Insead, Reykjavik, Theseus, and the Technion, and has been an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and angel investor. 

He has spoken at keynote events around the world including his keynote address at the Economist Innovation: Entrepreneurship for A Disruptive World conference alongside White House CTO Aneesh Chopra and the keynote speech at the 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum on establishing an ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

The IIEA wishes to acknowledge the support it has received from the European Commission throughout 2011.

Theme: Digital Future 

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