Use with the Minimum Requirements Summary Sheets and ADAAG. Use Survey Forms 1 to 22 as applicable, as well as this form.

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In addition to the requirements of ADAAG 4.1 through 4.35, libraries must comply with ADAAG 8.

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Section Item Technical Requirements Comments Yes No
8.2 Reading and Study Areas: Do at least 5% (but not less than one) of fixed seating, tables, or study carrels comply with 4.2 and 4.3.2 (See below)?      
Seating Clear Floor Space: Do spaces provided for wheelchair users have a 30 by 48 inch clear space which overlaps an accessible route?      
    Is no more than 19 inches of the 30 by 48 inch clear space measured under the table? (See Figure 45)      
4.32.3 Knee Space: Is the knee space under the table at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 19 inches deep? (See Figure 45)      
4.32.4 Height: Is the top of the table between 28 and 34 inches from the floor?      
4.3.3 Aisles: Are the aisles leading up to and between the tables or study carrels at least 36 inches wide?      
Check-Out Areas: Is there at least one lane at each check-out area where a portion of the counter is at least 36 inches long and no more than 36 inches high?      
Security Gates: Do security gates or turnstiles comply with 4.13? (Use Form 10: Doors and Gates)
Is there an accessible gate or door next to a turnstile or security device?
8.4 Card Catalogs and Magazine Displays: Is the aisle between card catalogs and magazine displays at least 36 inches wide? (See Figure 55)      
  Reach: Are the card catalogs between 18 and 54 inches from the floor? (A height of 48 inches is preferred.)      
Stacks: Is the minimum clear aisle width between the stacks at least 36 inches? (See Figure 56) (A minimum clear aisle width of 42 inches is preferred where possible. Shelf height in stack areas is unrestricted.)      

Minimum Clearances for Seats and Tables

Figure 45

Minimum Clearances for Seats and Tables


Card Catalog The lowest shelf of a card catalog shall be 18 inches (455 mm).

Figure 55
Card Catalog

The lowest shelf of a card catalog shall be 18 inches (455 mm).



Figure 56

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