Local Government in Scotland

In 1995, local government in Scotland will be reorganised into 29 unitary authorities, replacing the two tier system which has existed since the last reorganisation of local goverment in 1974, following the Local Government (Scotland) Act of 1973. Between 1974 and 1995 there were 9 Regional Authorities (divided into 53 District Councils) and 3 unitary Island Councils. The 3 island authorities will be retained after 1995.

Prior to 1974, Scotland was divided into counties and the larger cities were governed by City Corporations. The old counties are still used as the basis of Land Registration in Scotland.

In each case, these local government institutions are run by a body of councillors, who are elected every four years.

Listed below are some of the local government sub-divisions which have been used:

Further details of the Unitary Authorities are given below: