Clinical Trial of Conventional Versus Homeopathic Treatment of Genital Candidiasis in Women

News Source: 
OBGYN & Reproduction Week
News Date: 
February 22, 2010

New candidiasis study findings have been reported by scientists at Medical University of Vienna

“...This prospective, single center, randomized trial was a 12-month study that compared the effectiveness of monthly cycle-dependent itraconazole with and without lactobacilli and CH (Classical Homeopathy) in reducing the frequency of clinical episodes of RVVC (recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis) in 150 women with prior episodes....”

“...These findings are consistent with other earlier studies showing that itraconazole is more effective for treatment of RVVC than classic homeopathy," wrote A. Witt and colleagues, Medical University of Vienna....”