relief of pain and suffering The exhibit was prepared in

conjunction with the Symposium:

"Pain and Suffering in History–

Narratives of Science, Medicine and

Culture," which took place 13-14

March 1998.
relief of pain and suffering relief of pain and suffering
relief of pain and suffering
Although physicians have sought to alleviate pain for centuries, the history of pain research and modern pain treatment begins in the 1800s. The enigma of pain, which Albert Schweitzer called "the most terrible of all the lords of mankind," has yielded slowly to determined investigators and clinicians.

| Pain Alleviation and "Anesthesia"
19th Century and Earlier

| The Anesthesia Revolution of the
1800s Early Experiments with Surgical Anesthesia

| Pioneer Neurophysiology: Mapping
the Pain Pathways and Reading the Sensations

| Phantom Limb and Causalgia:
The Tragic Enigmas

| Pain on the Scales: The Problem of Measurement

The symposium and the exhibit

mark the official dedication of the

John C. Liebeskind History of Pain

Collection at the Louise M. Darling

Biomedical Library, UCLA


| The Gate Control Model Opens
a New Era in Pain Research

| John Bonica, Pain's Champion,
and the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic

| A Fertile Period in Pain Research:
The Example of the Liebeskind
Lab at UCLA

| Pain and the Dying: the Hospice
Movement and the Work of
Cicely Saunders

| Professional Organizations
and their Founding

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