Support SDHC memory cards ( compatibility up to 32GB) ;


Change language of menu as you want without any limit;


As same size and thickness as original card;


No need to flash. Build-in launch Slot-2 (gba) function( NDS/NDSL );


Support DMA read and no lag when using any microSD card;


Support FAT16 and FAT32. Can transfer files with PC, PDA, Cellphone and Camera;


Support clean rom and drag-drop to play. Fast loading;


Support NDS and iDS games. Run iDS games on any version of DS;


Write save files to TF card directly and no need manual backup or restore them;


Auto save type detection and no need to update save type list database;


Support moonshell and home brew;


Power saving design. Enter optimization mode automatically;


Double screen UI. Support display thumbnails of games;


Easy to use and setting;


Support button and touch operation both;


Support Wi-Fi and rumble package and browser expansion(NDSL only);


Support change back ground picture of menu;


Support change font color of menu;


Support brightness adjust (DS Lite only);


Support soft-reset;


Support AR cheat code;


Support soft-reset of moonshell (back to main menu of R4i 3DS) ;


Support DLDI auto-patching;


Support Download play;




The front side of TF card should be matched with the back side of R4i when TF card (MicroSD card) is plugged into R4i


1) Hardware Installation

Connect the TF card to PC with the card reader, then, go to the "_SYSTEM_" directory on the disk.
A- Loading the game kernel: Copy the "_DS_MENU.DAT" at the directory of the simplified game kernel/ traditional game kernel to the root directory of TF card.

B- Loading the media kernel: Copy the “moonshl2” folder and the “_DS_MSHL.NDS” file at the “moonshell” directory to the root directory of TF card;

C- Load the DIY interface: Copy all the folders "_system_" to the root directory of the TF card.

2) Unload TF Card

After finishing ROM added, then right click the removable disk icon on the right down corner of the screen; Draw out the TF card from card reader/writer.

3) Main Menu Operation

Connect the TF card to Slot-1 with the R4i, turn on the power, the GUI will display in a few seconds. You can select ROMs or Media to run by the navigating keys or touch screen, press "A" button to enter the corresponding functions.

4) Game Menu Operation

- Choose the 'Game' to enter Game GUI; Press 'START' to go back to main menu.

-Press the 'SELECT' key to select the display mode in game interface ("File Display” and "Game Display” , Default is "Game Display”), "N files” and "N game” display at top bar on the top screen.

-Please be aware that the "SHELL,MOONSHL,_SYSTEM_"directory and the "_DS_MSHL.NDS "file will be hidden under the "Show Games Only" mode; Any other directories or files with hidden attributes will also be hidden.

- You can choose the display model ("Display all” and "Only Display Game”, default is "Only Display Game”) by pressing "SELECT”, and the top screen will display "N file” and "N Game”.

Please be aware that the "SHELL,MOONSHL,_SYSTEM_"directory and the "_DS_MSHL.NDS "file will be hidden under the "Show Games Only" mode; Any other directories or files with hidden attributes will also be hidden.

4-scale-lightness adjustment is available to the D Lite console by touching the sunny icon at the top left corner of game interface. (Not available to D console, the sunny icon will turn to be gray if it is D console.)

At the right top of the touch screen it is the "Soft Reset"; Red indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is off; Green indicator means the "Soft Reset” function is on. The users may point on the touch screen or press "R" button to switch the "Soft Reset" On/Off.

While the "Soft Reset” function is on, pressing "L+R+A+B+X+Y” can go back and forth to the game's main menu; Please do not do this while saving, as it will lead to malfunction, It is recommended to go back to main menu before you function the "Soft Reset".

If the error occurs on running games, please try to turn off the "Soft Reset".

- The top screen displays the files under the directory, 'Up/Down' key for rolling, 'Left/Right' key for flipping. The current path and amount of the total files will show on the top, the scroll bar will show the location of the current file.

- The files under the directory will be sorted by file name, the directory (DIR) will display at the front. The (..) is the parent directory.

- The bottom screen display the details of the files and directory, the icon and title will be displayed if it is D/ID game.

- Press 'A' button or touch screen to enter the corresponding functions or run the game, press "B” button to go back

5) Running Game

- Choose the game you like in the game menu; Press 'A' button or touch screen to run.

- You can check the modified time of the archive, as it will be edited automatically while running the game.

- The file name of the archive is the same with the games, the extension is .SAV, can be backup or restored from PC at anytime.

6) SAV backup copy, restoration

- The archived file master file name with game same, expansion named .SAV

1. May momentarily restores the backup to the computer or from the computer.

2. Chooses the display mode according to SELECT, the choice thought completely the backup the .sav document, presses a key backup, the backup puts on file expansion named .bak. When needs to restore, the choice correspondence's .bak duplicate file, presses a key confirmation restoration.

7) Operation of Auction Replay Cheat

 Choose the corresponding game, if the official database (cheat.dat files under the _system_ folder) or the user database (usrcheat.dat files under the _system_ folder) contains the Auction Replay Cheat, the below screen will show the "Auction Replay Cheat (Y)" button, press the Y key or that button to enter the set up interface of cheat.

If the two databases will contain an action replay cheat to the same game, there will be two "action replay cheat" buttons. The official database is on the left, the user database is on the right.

On the top line of the above screen shows the game name, the top line of the below screen shows how many cheat code currently be selected and the total amount of the cheat codes can be selected, the bottom line of the below screen shows the version and created date of the current cheat database.

The function of the six buttons on the below screen is described separately as below:

"select all" press this button to select all the cheat code under the cheat opened circumstance.

"delete all" press this button to delete all the selected cheat code under the cheat opened circumstance.

"game open/close" press this button to control the cheat switch of this game, the left frame will show the current status.

"cheat open/close" press this button to control the entire cheat function switch, the right frame will show the current status.

"preserve and exit" press this button to preserve the current modification, and exit, the same function as well as press the START button.

"discards and exit" press this button to not preserve the current modification, and exit, the same function as well as press the SELECT button.

Under the cheat opened circumstance, use up and down arrow to choose each cheat code one by one; if it's the cheat folder, press A to unfold/fold the directory.

Under the cheat-opened circumstance, use left and right arrow can go across 10 cheat codes.

If do not need the cheat function, delete the cheat.dat files under the _system_ folder.

When the two databases will contain an action replay cheat to the same game, users can open the action replay cheat in the database to by their needs and another one would be close (close action replay cheat by turning master switch off, closing games or do not choose any action replay cheat), kernel will automatically choose the use of opened action reply cheat (Cheats in two databases opened to one game at the same time, then it will use the one in official database).

efore running game, under circumstance that a cheat has already been opened, in the process of running the game cheat can be temporarily closed by L+R+START+DOWN, you may press L+R+START+UP to open cheat.

8) Switch of the Skins

Table of contents themes has certain sub-tables of contents in TF/microSD under the card _system_, the distinction naming is theme01 - - theme12, will correspond one year separately 12 months, R4i will read the DS main engine's date establishment, will replace the corresponding month automatically the skin, inside each folder table of contents will have four document logo.bmp, icons.bmp, bckgrd_1.bmp and bckgrd_2.bmp, these four pictures will be the R4i operation contact surface background, in the picture content may change freely.

logo.bmp - Background of the Top Screen of R 4' s startup.
icons.bmp -- Background of the Bottom Screen of R 4' s Startup.
bckgrd_1.bmp -- Background of the Top Screen of R 4' s Explorer.
bckgrd_2.bmp -- Background of the Bottom Screen of R 4' s Explorer.

Do not change the picture's name;
Make sure the picture is .bmp format, 8-bit/16-bit;
Make sure the picture is 253*192 pixels.

After manufacturing must want the picture content, the copy to the TF card correspondence table of contents covers the original picture then

For the method of adding more Skins, please view “DIY Manual of R4 Skins“


Q: How do saves work? Will I be able to backup my save-games?
A: Easy and without extra software , you can backup your saves bysimply dragging and dropping them.

Q: Failed to create archive?
A: There are 2 possible reasons: One is the TF card has no enough space; Second: to the FAT16 OS, the root directory has a maximal file amount: 512(long file name will take more space), that means the surplus amount must be more than the amount that going to be created.

Q: Archive has been damaged?
A: There are 2 possible reasons also: First, the archive is damaged indeed; Second, If the archive is copy from the other type of flash card, it can't run directly before being converted via appointed software.

Q: Is the R4i Compatible with the Rumble Pack or Opera Ram Expansion?
A: Yes

Q: Will you support D Homebrew Roms?
A: Yes

Q: What is the Battery Life?
A: Same as the Original carts, the R4i core components are chosen to maximize battery life.

Q: What about reading Speeds from the D? Are they Equal to an original cart?
A: Original carts have various speeds, our hardware is designed to match the speed as close as possible. No problems to this date.

Q: Does Drag and Drop functionality work on a Mac and other Operating systems except Windows?
A: Of course Our device is fully mass storage spec compliant, and should work with any operating system which supports this standard

Q: Do I have to use patches and extra software to load files on the D?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: Will I need any other extra software or hardware to manage the R4i?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: What colors are available from the R4i Adapter?
A: We are currently manufacturing White cart for first batch stock, we might consider other colors soon.

Q: Do I have to flash my D firmware in order to operate the R4i?
A: Nope! No firmware hacks or any nasty tricks are required to use the R4i. If you change your firmware you lose your warranty!

Q: What languages does the R4i OS support?
A: English, Chinese,korean and Japaness at present.

Q: Does it work on both i and Lite?
A: Yes, every revision out and to come

Q: Are there any regional issues?
A: No, R4i works on every i and Lite from around the world.

Q: How many files can I have on the R4i?
A: R4i Adapter supports 128MB~32GB TF(MicroSD) card , 32GB=256Gbit

Q: Do I need a pass key device for the R4i to work or can I just put it in my D?
A: Nothing is needed! Just place the R4i with the TF card into the slot 1 and power-up your D .

Q: Is the R4i OS/Firmware upgradable?
A: Yes! And the best part is that its DEAD EASY and SAFE to do it

Q: Is the OS skinnable?
A: Yes.

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