Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Classics

Polka dots and trenchcoat
Polka dots and trenchcoat
Polka dots, trenchcoat & red hair
This is quite a unique outfit overall for me as each piece is a bit of a classic: classic raincoat, classic jeans, classic heels, classic polka dots. I was sent the jeans by ASOS to review* just before the launch of their new denim range - and boy did they fit beautifully! I had the choice of skinnies or skinny flares, so as I have loads of skinnies I chose the latter. Just the right amount of skinniness and flariness (flaryness?!) with a great fit on both the hips and waist, which isn't bad for a £32 pair of jeans. I normally have terrible problems finding jeans that fit me properly so I was well happy.

Happy Hump Day everyone... don't forget to scroll down to the great giveaway reminder at the bottom of the post :)
Catherine x
Raincoat: Ellen Tracy, Jeans: ASOS*, Shirt: ASOS, Heels: Office*, Belt: Unknown (old), Owl bracelet: Accessorize

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St Patrick's Day Giveaway

Good luck!!!

*This was a personal review as an ASOS customer and not connected to the blog.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

$1,000 Saint Patrick's Day Visa Card Giveaway

I am so excited to bring you this news today...! 

Myself and 34 other bloggers have joined forces to bring you this AMAZING giveaway: one lucky winner will be receiving a $1,000 Visa Gift card! Yes, you read that right... $1,000 to spend on clothes, bills, a vacation, or whatever else your little heart desires! 

All the lovely ladies bringing you this giveaway are below (see the end of the post for details):

How to enter:

Entries can only be accepted using the Rafflecopter widget above. The giveaway will run until March 17th. To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or over and a U.S. resident*. The prize is valued at $1,000.

Ends 17th March 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.

*I am aware that this is open to US residents only - I'd just like to apologise to my non-US followers... when I agreed to take part I was given the impression that this was an international giveaway, so I'm really sorry that all you UK, European, Canadian, Australian, etc. readers can't enter. However, I do have quite a high US readership so it seemed silly to pull out. I hope to make it up to everyone with a couple of giveaways I have planned for the next couple of months: one will be international, another European only. Keep a look out for those over the next few weeks :)

But the very best of luck to everyone who enters this giveaway... Fingers crossed!
Catherine x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tough Leather With Soft Florals

Leather jacket, floral dress & brown boots
Leather jacket, floral dress & brown boots
Leather jacket & plum scarf
I've been wanting to put this outfit together for probably the best part of a year. Under all the layers there's a vintage summer dress I bought a few years ago on eBay - I think the only time it's been seen on the blog was in this post from 2011. I'm also wearing a slip and about three pairs of woolly tights underneath to try and keep the cold out. There's a reason why I don't wear skirts all that often in the winter...

If you're wondering where Part 2 of the Photo Tips Friday: Give Your Blog A DIY Design Makeover post has got to, it'll be up on the blog this Friday. I've had to do a bit of a shifty about with my schedule, as I've got something reeeeeeeeally exciting to share with you on Tuesday - something to do with a giveaway and a lot of money. I'll see you back here for that, then...?

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)
Catherine x
Leather jacket: Debenhams, Dress: Vintage, Bag: Accessorize*, Boots: Duo (old), Sweater: F+F at Tesco, Scarf: Unknown, Sunglasses: French Connection at ASOS, Earrings: Unknown, Ring: ASOS

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Head-To-Toe White & A Snakeskin Print Tote

Head-to-toe white
Head-to-toe white & Capulet London snakeskin tote
Capulet London snakeskin tote
Head-to-toe white
Head-to-toe white
Capulet London snakeskin tote
Proporta iPad case
Head-to-toe white
I've been wanting to wear an all-white outfit for some since seeing Krystal from This Time Tommorow rocking this monochrome look last year - so when I was contacted by luxury bag brand Capulet London to style one of their products by working it into an outfit, I was inspired to wear all white to pair with this gorgeous tote that I immediately took a shine to!

Capulet London sell luxury leather technology cases, clutches and bags specifically designed for laptops, iPads, Kindles and tablets - I chose to borrow the large yellow python shopper tote because I'm the opposite of a "travel light" kinda girl. The tote bag made the most sense for me as I simply can't condense my life into a small clutch for everyday use. Their ranges have dedicated pockets for iPads and other devices (depending on the style), and the interior of the tote bag was made of the most beautiful, soft orange suede which protected my iPad and iPhone screens. What is very clever is that the large pocket fits an iPad both with and without a case - the case you see here was kindly gifted to me and is made by Proporta, who have tied up with clothing brand Joules to make this pretty floral number in one of Joules' signature patterns.

While the bag is utterly gorgeous (I love the colouring - it's described as yellow but is more of a cream with flashes of yellow, plus it smells divine and the interior is both practical and beautiful), the bag is unfortunately way out of my price range: it retails at £629. That's several times more than I would ever consider spending on a bag... though maybe if I were very wealthy I might think differently?! There was one thing that disappointed me slightly: call me superficial, but if I were to spend that sort of money on a bag, I'd want a little metal badge that showed off the brand name. So often girls - and correct me if I'm wrong, ladies! - want that badge simply to show off the fact that you've got a genuine designer bag. And in a way if the badge looks expensive, it'll make the bag scream "designer brand" much more. Just a little thing that would make all the difference if it were actually mine!

But as I said, the quality of the Capulet brand is second-to-none, and it meets the needs of us style-conscious gadget users perfectly by ensuring protection as well as designer looks. If you want to see more Capulet London or Proporta designs, you can visit their websites here: 

As it's the first day of spring [in my world] today, I hope to be be bringing you guys some slightly more summery and less wrapped-up looks in the coming weeks... I sure hope so, anyway!

Have a great weekend, everyone :)
Catherine x
P.S. The photos were taken at the lovely-but-fffffreezing beach at Gorran Haven in Cornwall - see Monday's post for why we were there...

Tote bag: Capulet London (on loan), iPad case: c/o Proporta

Coat: Debenhams (old), Trousers: Coast (old), Hat: Unknown, Brogues: New Look, Sweater (just seen): F+F at Tesco, Nails: Models Own Purple Grey*

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

DIY Tutorial: Red Toe-Capped Bling Heels

DIY nude courts
In my last post I wore my DIYed "red carpet heels" and promised I'd follow it up with a tutorial - this is my first DIY post so I hope it's easy to follow! I may not have photographed every stage as much as I should have, so apologies for that... as it was the first DIY I've properly documented I did tend to forget to photograph every stage as I went along. I'll fill in the gaps with instructions as best I can! 

Materials used:

1. I used masking tape to tape off the toes and heels. I've never read a colour-block shoes DIY post that explains how to get the two masked-off areas even: I measured the same distance from the centre of the round part of the shoe at the front and started the tape there. The tape will automatically follow the natural curve of the shoe if you do it slowly and without stretching the tape - I held the two shoes together and could see by eye that they were even.

2. I taped up the edges of the soles - most DIYs I've seen leave the soles exposed at the front so they get painted too. However, I'm a perfectionist and couldn't bear to have the visible edge of the sole in the painted colour at the front, only for it to stop halfway round the shoe! On the very curvy parts (around the curve of the heel, for example) I used smaller pieces of tape, and made sure the edges were well pressed down so as not to leave any gaps. I used the edge of a dried-up ballpen to press the edges right into the gap. Oh and make sure you cover the soles too!

3. I covered the rest of the shoe with newspaper to leave just the parts to be painted exposed. I used neon spray on the toes and heels; unlike paint it took several thin coats - and used up the whole can. I thought about adding an "undercoat" of white so the colour would be much brighter and a truer neon, but decided to see what it was like without the white in the end... plus I'm impatient. Luckily it was a happy accident and it dulled to a perfect red - though you'd need that undercoat of white if you wanted a proper neon colour.

Tip: If you want to use a spray can make sure you buy enough so as not to run out halfway through. I used a whole can for just the outside of the heel and the toe, so painting may be a better way to go.

4. Once completely dry, I very carefully and slowly removed all the masking tape. To add a little more interest, and hide the "join" between the painted and unpainted parts, I stuck craft cord ribbon around the edges of the sole and along the edge of the spray on the toes. Using a control gel superglue would stop it running anywhere and give you a precise tip for accuracy - I, however, used an industrial glue that required a fine stick to apply it, but next time I'd use the superglue which I used for the crystals (see point 5).

Tip: Use (preferably) dressmaking scissors to cut the ends precisely - they have to be scissors that are super-sharp right at the tips of the blades, otherwise you won't be able to cut the cord to exactly the right length.

Tip: Use a lighter to very carefully singe the ends of the ribbon to seal the end - you only need to barely show the flame to the end.

5. I arranged the crystals on the shoe until I found a pattern I liked. Then, using the superglue gel, I added tiny dots of glue and stuck the crystals to the toe. I used a pick-up pencil tool to pick up and stick the crystals onto the glue dots - an absolutely essential item with such tiny crafty bits.

6. After working out the design I wanted on the back, I did the same to the back of the shoes with more crystals. I then tried them on only when I was sure they were completely dry.

And here's the finished shoes!

DIY nude courts
So I'm really pleased with the makeover, and although I was hesitant about "ruining" a perfectly good pair of nude courts, I love them much more now (and I could easily find more nude heels to buy if I wanted some). Don't forget to check out my outfit post where you'll see them being worn with my red patterned ASOS dress.

I hope it's given you a little inspiration - if you have any questions about the process at all don't hesitate to comment below, email me: notdressedaslamb(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet me: @notlamb.

Happy Hump day to you all, and when my next post is up on Friday it'll be officially (i.e. in my world) springtime. Bliss...!
Catherine x

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