Terrorist suspects of today, the slaves of yesterday

Written by Arnaud Mafille Thursday, 07 March 2013
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Centuries before Guantanamo, Muslims were abducted, sold and transported to the Americas to become slaves there. Back then already, such practices were facilitated by local and corrupt rulers.

However, some men of wisdom rose up against this injustice and left us words which our governments should ponder over.

Nasir al-Din was a 17th century West African scholar who denounced and fought against the animist kings of his time because they sold their subjects to European slave traders under frivolous pretexts. He stated:

“God does not allow kings to raid, kill, or enslave their people; he has them, on the contrary, to guard them from their enemies. The peoples are not made for the kings but the kings are made for the peoples”.


Sign the petition to return Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo to the UK

Sign the petition to return Nabil Hadjarab from Guantanamo to France


Key words: Guantanamo; Muslims; Americas; slaves, Africa; Nasir al-Din; West African; Shaker Aamer; Nabil Hadjarab



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