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Wikipedia is probably the single largest, most comprehensive and simply best information resource out there on the Internet - a really great resource.many people though would like to have access to this giant resource when they're not plugged into the Internet.

With WikiDroyd we present a true offline Wikipedia reader application supporting many languages, like English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and many more. Although we use one of the best compression algorithms out there, the size of our mobile Wikipedia database file is still pretty large.

NewOur latest WikiDroyd version also supports a text-to-speech feature which turns WikiDroyd into an audio book for Wikipedia articles. In order to enbale the audio feature you have to donwload and install our Droyd Plugin Speech from the Android Market.

In the very near future we will also support images which are included in many Wikipedia articles. We plan to provide these images in a separate file (apart from the text articles) in order to preserve reasonable files sizes. Having a separate file, users can decide whether they want to add image databases to their existing text articles or not. Still these users can delete the image file later if not desired anymore.

Have a look at our brief feature list: WikiDroyd Features.

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