Grand Rapids WiFi Logo Purpose Statement is a site to point out 802.11 wireless networking hotspots in the greater Grand Rapids area. At this point it's all "free" coffee shop style hot spots, but in the future we hope to add other places like hotels.

The site began as a series of reviews of wireless internet service options over at which served as a resource for local telecommuters/consultants and the odd visitor. Topher brought it to its own domain name, and then James Stewart gave it its current look and features.

It is hoped that this site will encourage adoption of wifi by residents of and visitors to Grand Rapids, help those looking for locations find the right place for them, and encourage high quality service where it is provided. If any Grand Rapids area business owners are looking to discuss the benefits of providing wifi to their customers we'd be very happy to discuss that with them and help them promote it.

This site is built using Ruby on Rails, developed on a mac with the textmate editor and locomotive, and hosted by the fine people at textdrive. All pages are valid XHTML and CSS, and microformats are used where appropriate for your remixing pleasure.