What’s on the programme?

  • One full day of workshops, two days of conferencing, and plenty of talking, laughing and eating in between. That’s our programme in a nutshell. For more detail, click on the tabs below.

    On the first day of the conference, we’ll all be together in the main auditorium for a whole day of single-track sessions. After lunch, we’ll have a round of lightning talks to help us out of our food comas.

    Time Session
    08h00-09h00 Registration, and coffee and pastries in the foyer
    09h00-09h30 Kerry-Anne Gilowey
    Welcome and announcements
    09h30-10h30 Kristina Halvorson
    Morning keynote: You Are Everywhere

    Content strategist. User experience designer. IA, technical communications, copywriter, developer. The web is a big sandbox, and these days—wherever you choose to play—content will almost certainly be a part of your day-to-day. Thankfully, the past few years have brought us new connections, new content resources, and the discovery of shared principles across disciplines, cities, and continents. Kristina will take this time to look at current trends, as well as tried and true ideas that continue to shape our everyday work on the web and beyond.
    10h30-11h00 Tea break
    11h00-11h45 Rachel Lovinger
    Content in the Age of Promiscuous Reuse

    Since the early days of the web, people have created content and only thought about how it was going to appear on a single page. That’s no longer an option. We need to think about all the places and devices where that content could be seen. As the web design world has embraced the topic of content strategy, the conversation quickly turned to the question “How can we make our content do more?”
    11h45-12h30 Bruce Lawson
    HTML5 101 for Content Specialists

    Bruce is an English Literature and Drama graduate who learned to code because he’s interested in code as a vehicle for communication. Bruce won’t focus on HTML5 code, but instead will focus on new features of HTML5 that content professionals should be aware of when they’re speaking with developers. Some are already well supported in browsers, some are just appearing now but, for those engaged in longer-term projects, are worth considering.
    12h30-14h00 Lunch in the courtyard
    14h00-14h30 Lightning talks
    Rick Yagodich – The 6 Ws to Content Strategy
    Rebekah Cancino – Shunning Web Suburbia
    Alex Maughan – We, the Caretakers of Connotation
    Meghan Seawell – Is There Enough Marketing in Content Strategy?
    14h30-15h30 Luke Wroblewski
    Afternoon keynote: Content in a Write/Read Web

    On the surface, content is king. But digging deeper into what’s working on the web reveals that things aren’t so simple. Content fits into a complex ecosystem of communication, contribution, and behaviours. In his keynote, Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First, will lift the covers on the underbelly of the web and outline how it can really impact any organisation’s digital content strategy.
    15h30-15h45 Tea break
    15h45-16h30 Jonathon Colman
    How to Build SEO into Content Strategy

    Let’s be honest: for most content strategists and other people working with online content, SEO is The Worst Part Of The Job. It’s hugely technical, it’s shrouded in mystery, it seems to be focused on robots instead of people, there are unspoken rules, everything can turn on a dime, and it never, ever seems to end. But SEO doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to begin a conversation between these two disciplines – they’re far more alike than you might think. And when they work together on behalf of users and customers, amazing things can happen that will drive your organisation forward.
    16h30-17h15 Relly Annett-Baker
    Guerillas in Their Midst: Giving People CS Skills from the Inside

    Relly will take us through her experiences of working in multi-disciplinary teams and leading workshops for web designers, developers and project managers – specifically an online class with over 100 participants from different web backgrounds. She will give real-life examples of how CS practitioners can actively impart skills, energise and mobilise web teams to do good work – and leave a team in a strong position to continue getting good content to where it needs to be.
    17h30-19h00 Drinks in the foyer