What’s on the programme?

  • One full day of workshops, two days of conferencing, and plenty of talking, laughing and eating in between. That’s our programme in a nutshell. For more detail, click on the tabs below.

    On Friday 26 October, we’ll split up for a day of multi-track presentations. There are no official tracks, so you can choose any one of the presentations in each time block. Seating will be on a first come, first served basis.

    We’ll join up again after the afternoon tea break for a wrap-up session in the main auditorium. Friday night’s party will be held at the Spier Hotel.

    Time Main Auditorium Simonsberg Room Stellenberg Room
    08h30-09h00 Coffee and pastries in the foyer
    09h00-09h40 Melissa Rach
    Content & Cash

    How much does a content strategy cost? How do you define the value of content for an organisation or client? Can you prove ROI for content or content strategy?
    Corey Vilhauer
    Empathy: Content Strategy’s Hidden Deliverable

    We cannot assume all of our clients, co-workers or bosses understand our work. We must have patience. We must be teachers. We must work with empathy.
    Heléne Lindsay
    Shifting Content Teams from Single-Channel to Multi-Channel Focus

    When digital turned print publishing on its head, publishers and brands were forced to consider new approaches, costing models, skill sets and team structures.
    09h50-10h30 Kate Kiefer Lee
    Voice and Tone: Creating Content for Humans

    A brand’s voice stays the same from day to day, but its tone has to change all the time, depending on both the situation and the reader’s feelings. This talk will focus on articulating your brand’s personality and writing for emotional humans.
    Frances Gordon
    Legal Content: the Final Frontier for Content Strategy

    There is a strong business, ethical and legal case for integrating legal and other more complex content into our content strategies. This talk will look at how we can break down departmental barriers and incorporate the requirements of legal content into all aspects of content strategy and creation.
    Ibrahim Cesar
    Content Strategy in Brazil: Where It Is Now and Where It’s Going

    Content creators in Brazil face many unique challenges. Mobile and social media reign supreme, and yet there are still those who don’t have access to even the most basic technology.
    10h30-11h00 Tea break
    11h00-11h40 Lucie Hyde
    Making eBay’s Help Content Helpful Again

    At eBay, with more than 20,000 pages across 20+ websites in more than a dozen languages, and a global audience in the hundreds of millions, catering for everybody’s needs isn’t as easy as it sounds.
    Thomas Bevan
    Content Strategy in Hostile Environments

    This is a story about protecting and nurturing content strategy in places where it’s not welcome. It’s about what happens after a content strategy has been released into the wilds of the web, and how to make sure it survives.
    Tracy Ulin
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pattern Library

    While researching pattern libraries, Rearden Commerce’s UX team found that most tended to heavily favour UI behaviours. This session will focus on how content strategy can be integrated within UX practices, through the help of pattern libraries.
    11h50-12h30 Diane Murphy
    Compassionate Content: Developing Social Resolution for Photos on Facebook

    Diane and her team are working on developing social resolution – a way for people who use Facebook to work out conflict together. The foundation of this is a content strategy based on compassion.
    Jonathan Kahn
    Embracing Your Role as a Change Agent

    Denial about change, silo-centric thinking, and poor governance and strategy lead to disappointing user experience outcomes and substantial business risk. As web professionals, we can’t be effective until we become agents of change.
    Joaquín Moreno
    Integrating Linguists in Agile Software Development Teams

    By integrating linguists in agile software development teams, the usability of both the original content and the translations gets improved.
    12h30-14h00 Lunch in the courtyard
    14h00-14h40 Richard Ingram
    Visualising Data: Seeing is Believing

    When patterns and connections are revealed between numbers, content and people that might otherwise be too abstract or scattered to be grasped, we’re able to make better sense of where we are, what it might mean and what needs to be done.
    Kate Johnson
    How a University Web Team Brought a Presidential Debate to Life

    When the University of Denver was selected to host the first US presidential debate of 2012, the small web team found itself responsible for creating and maintaining a high-profile site while simultaneously launching a university-wide rebranding effort.
    Max Johns
    The Mess We’re (Not) in: Content Strategy in the Corporate Environment

    Although content strategists aren’t naturally attracted to the corporate world, we’re desperately needed. This talk explains what we can achieve there, through simple, surprise-proof content strategy.
    14h50-15h30 Sara Wachter-Boettcher
    Structuring Content, Restructuring Organisations

    Whether you’re talking about APIs, responsive sites, or content repositories, you’re going to need structured content. But if you want structure to really work, you have to change more than your CMS. You have to change your organisation.
    Angela Colter
    The Audience You Didn’t Know You Had

    This talk will address the reading behaviours and information-seeking strategies of people with low literacy skills and review guidelines for making your information easier for this audience to read, understand and use.
    John Alderman
    Big Content: Complexity, Modelling, and Maintaining Meaning

    What approaches can we take to ensure that our messages and those of our site’s users are not lost? And how can we maintain meaningful experiences for visitors that could number in the millions?
    15h30-16h15 Tea break and entertainment
    16h15-17h00 Randall Snare and Elizabeth McGuane
    A Short History of Everything (or at least Content Strategy)

    From the birth of storytelling to the future of content, let us take you on a journey of discovery – from Ancient Greece to the newsrooms of New York, and from Paris to London to Cape Town, as we track the evolution of our discipline and the places it’s taken us along the way. We’ll wrap up this amazing conference with live performance, participation from your favourite speakers, audio-visual highlights and insights from you, the audience.
    17h00-17h30 Closing and thanks
    18h00 onwards Party at Spier Hotel