BASIC difference between Nazi Sixth Army in Stalingrad and NATO in Afghanistan

Every day dozens of NATO mercenaries die.
-> How can they hide this?
-> Answer: the same way that the illuminati hid the death of 300,000 Germans and allies of the Sixth Army, "the glory of the Nazi army," annihilated at Stalingrad.
Today in the time of internet and global disinformation, is as simple as this: from time to time "news" that "NATO soldiers were killed " with numbers "1 < n < 10."
-> Unlike Vietnam,
- No names of the dead;
- mercenaries (ie not drafted) keep silence about the deaths, according to their contract conditions.

Big difference between Afghanistan and Stalingrad is NOT
- the number of dead compared to the mercenaries that have not yet been completely annihilated and remain in their bunkers.
- that at least Germans knew that the Sixth Army was fighting the Red Army while this time the human cattle of NATO "countries" does not even know that the mercenaries are NOT fighting the Taliban but in fact fighting freedom fighters that were fighting the CIA creation Taliban before October 2001.

Big difference IS that this time the British and American gov do not play the role of being on the other side of the German gov.

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(2) The REAL World War II - BBC and Voice of America kept as silent in their broadcasts to Germany about the annihilation of the Sixth Army as they were about the annihilation of Jews at the concentraion camps that the RAF kept overflying.
The illuminati script for Three World Wars Hoax
The illuminati script for Three World Wars Hoax