RADAR Project

Building and Evaluating a Learning Cognitive Assistant

Machine learning has been developed to the point where it can perform some truly useful tasks. However, much of the learning technology that's currently available requires extensive 'tuning' in order to work for any particular user, in the context of any particular task.

The focus of the RADAR project is to build a cognitive assistant that embodies machine learning technology that is able to function "in the wild" -- by this, we mean that the technology need not be tuned by experts, and that the person using the system that embodies the technology need not be trained in any special way.

Using the RADAR system itself, in the task for which it is designed, should be enough to allow RADAR to learn to improve performance.

RADAR is a joint project between SRI International and Carnegie Mellon University, and is funded by DARPA.

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Overall RADAR Architecture


RADAR Agents
Attention Manager
Briefing Assistant
Space-Time Planner
Virtual Information Officer (VIO)
Workflow by Example (WbE)

RADAR Architecture

RADAR Components
The Test Harness

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