I'm not gloating at Abramovich yet, says Villas-Boas ahead of Anfield clash

By Andrew Warshaw


Andre Villas-Boas is planning to mark the anniversary of being axed at Chelsea by taking Tottenham a step closer to a Champions League return at Anfield on Sunday.

Twelve months after the Portuguese manager was sacked by Roman Abramovich, Spurs take on Liverpool knowing a win would move them five points clear of fourth-placed Chelsea.

Pointed: A year on from being axed by Abramovich (left) Villas-Boas (right) says Spurs are ready for their tough run-in of games
Pointed: A year on from being axed by Abramovich (left) Villas-Boas (right) says Spurs are ready for their tough run-in of games

Pointed: A year on from being axed by Abramovich (left) Villas-Boas (right) says Spurs are ready for their tough run-in of games

Not that Villas-Boas will be taking an improving Liverpool lightly and with more twists and turns to come in the Premier League run-in, he will not be gloating - not yet, anyway.


Asked if Tottenham's 12-match unbeaten run in the league proves a point to Abramovich, Villas-Boas said: 'We won't know that until the end of the season. I won't be egocentric now - we must wait.'

Spurs followed up last weekend's tense north London derby win over Arsenal by dismantling an anaemic Inter Milan with a scintillating display in the Europa League on Thursday.

Villas-Boas's name was chanted from the stands amid taunts of 'Taxi for Inter' but this is the time of the season domestically when Spurs invariably get the collywobbles.

However, this time, says Villas-Boas, the team spirit is strong enough to withstand the odd setback during a tough run-in that also involves fixtures with Chelsea and Manchester City.

'Even if we have a setback I think we are able to bounce back. The players are really up for it after what they suffered last season,' he said.

While Sunday's fixture is Tottenham's third in a week, Liverpool have not played since thumping Wigan 4-0 eight days ago, but Villas-Boas believes the Europa League adventure has been a boost rather than a hindrance.

'Liverpool wanted to win (the Europa League) too,' he said. 'I am sure Brendan would still prefer to be in it. Legs can be a little bit tired but we can respond as we have in the past after the Europa League.

'Most of the players now look at each other with pride. That makes a difference because all of them see that we're going in the same direction towards achieving success.'



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Nice to see all the Spurt Fans retracting their statements...Oh sorry forgot that they wouldn't know the meaning of the word.....What was that "We'll finish Liverpools season" typical little big heads, see you all crying as Arsenal overtake you and drop you out of the Champions League spots once again.

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So, shall we get prepared for a thrashing? COYS - Toby , London, 10/3/2013 11:10 3 points today lovely jubbly!! - Danny Blanchflower , AUDERE-EST-FACERE Lilywhites N17, 10/3/2013 Haha ohhh dear! Well, at least the manager's got sense - might want to pass that bit of wisdom on to the players and the fans, it doesn't seem to have sunk in yet that its better to wait until you've actually done something before you start bragging about it! They never learn...

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All the little "spurt" fans getting out of their prams. What exactly have they won ? They are just a small London club in the shadow of the gooners .

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Why should Mr A give a toss what AVB thinks ? Chelsea wouldn't have won the European cup with him as manager.

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Why should Roman be bothered about Spurs getting into the CL?? Spurs are insignificant to him and also insignificant to a club like Chelsea. AVB has learnt from his mistakes at Chelsea and it's paying off for Spurs, good for him.

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Should be a great game! Bale vs Suarez. Hopefully a good test of how Liverpool have progressed this season. - brendan, Liverpool, 10/03/2013 01:49 ======= Which they haven't. So, shall we get prepared for a thrashing? COYS

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Take away Suarez and you'll be a mid table... Ohh wait you already are. Hahahah

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Gloat all you want they still won the CL and it can't be taken away.

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Brendan : Why not invite Tom Daly along and have a proper diving competition?

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Take away Bale and they'd be mid table. - Terry Exelby, City of York, 10/03/2013 08:48 Just like u take away modric and we would be mid table ???

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