£31,500 a year: The cost of a mother's love if they were paid for all their help with childcare and chores

  • Mothers spend 71 hours every week on household work
  • Study claims fathers spend only 53.5 hours a week, worth £24,000 if paid
  • Only  73 per cent of families feel in control of their finances

By Daily Mail Reporter


Mothers would be earning £31,500 a year if they were paid for looking after the children and doing housework, according to research.

The average mother spends 71 hours on household chores every week, including food shopping and cleaning.

The average father spends 53.5 hours a week doing housework, which would earn him a salary of £24,000 if it were paid work.

The average mother spends 71 hours on household chores every week, including food shopping and cleaning

The average mother spends 71 hours on household chores every week, including food shopping and cleaning

The average father spends 53.5 hours a week on childcare and housework

The average father spends 53.5 hours a week on childcare and housework

Insurers Legal & General, which commissioned the Value of a Parent report, found that it costs £154,400 to raise one child from birth to the age of 18.

That sum would mean parents spend £8,850 a year on their children, on average.

Only 73 per cent of families said they felt in control of their finances, while 71 per cent said their top priority with money was to make sure they could provide for their children if they died or became unable to earn a living.


Bonnie Burns, director at the insurance company, told the Daily Express: 'We all know what a Herculean job most parents are doing bringing up their children.

'Our report highlights exactly how important that role is and the value all these odd jobs bring to a smooth-running home.

'Clearly the financial value of a parent to a family is much higher than you might think and is taken for granted by most, even those doing the work.'


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This is so annoying if you want kids then its your choice! Most of the mothers I know can't pay for their own children anyway! Try working a 12 hour shift then come home and do your own chores! Ridiculous!

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I really don't understand how people can do hours of chores a day. I tidy up and hoover every other day and my house is clean and tidy. If you spend more than 4 hours a day cleaning then you need to get a life as nobody really appreciates a spotless house and shouting at the spouse/ kids about tidying up breeds resentment.

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The cost of raising a family: PRICELESS.

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@Anthony ---- But the fathers aren't professional footballers are they so why should they be paid the same as them? Comparing mothers working in the home to professional footballers??? Weird logic there. Anyway all you guys out there should remember it was your mothers who gave birth to you and you cannot put a price on that although many women would wish they hadn't bothered judging by your inferior, poor me I'm a man, pathetic attitude. Honestly these days you'd probably feel threatened by your own shadows. What's happened to you all? So what if a mother would earn 31,500 quid. Is it more than you earn in your full time job in the office/whatever it is you do? Is that what's making you angry?

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The headline should have read "Parent's love" not mother's love... You sexists!

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And the point is?

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I don't get this stay at home thing. If your kids are at school what do you do all day. In Denmark the majority of adults work full time jobs and still manage to keep a household and bring up kids. Why is being a stay at home parent hard work when you have so many hours during the day to sort out your housework and shopping? The rest of us manage fine

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A lot of commenters seem to have misunderstood the point of statistics like this. It's not that women want paid to look after their own children but that they want it understood how much they do every day. When the father comes home from a day behind his desk he doens't always understand why his wife might be exhausted, childless friends might not get why you don't have time to hang out etc - being a parent is a full time job on its own.

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oh you poor things dont have kids then simples

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The idea of putting a monetary value to the duty a woman or man has to their child is disgusting.

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