Jean splashes out on a brand new car at the age 94 (and she's only had one speeding ticket in 80 years)

  • Amazing Jean Marriott, of Sheringham, Norfolk, began driving in 1934
  • King George V was still on throne at beginning of near-80 year odyssey
  • She has no intention of giving up - and wants to be behind wheel at 100

By Daily Mail Reporter


After nearly eighty years behind the wheel, Jean Marriott is not only still driving but doing it in style after forking out on a brand new set of wheels.

The 94-year-old first got behind the wheel aged 15 in 1934 when King George V was on the throne, the first Donald Duck film was made and US bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were killed.

Almost eight decades on, the mother-of-three is still going strong and has just purchased a new Nissan Micra.

She may be 94, but Jean Marriott from Norfolk has got no intention of giving up driving and has bought a new car to mark nearly 80 years behind the wheel

She may be 94, but Jean Marriott from Norfolk has got no intention of giving up driving and has bought a new car to mark nearly 80 years behind the wheel

In her long and distinguished driving career Mrs Marriott has managed an almost perfect record.


She's chalked up just one speeding fine and has never been involved in an accident despite clocking up tens of thousands of miles.

Mrs Marriott still vividly remembers the day, during a holiday in Northumberland, when her motor engineer father persuaded her to take the controls of the family's Austin 12 Tourer.

'He was a keen motorist and he just wanted me to get started,' said Mrs Marriott, from Sheringham, Norfolk.

'There was a complete lack of traffic and the roads were beautifully cambered.


Jean in her younger days. She began driving in 1934 when King George V was still on the throne

'I remember feeling very excited and can still remember the registration - WW 999. It always made me think of spending a penny urgently!'

Mrs Marriott has fond memories of picnics and outings in the tourer from the family home near Skipton, North Yorks, to the Lake District and Blackpool.

'My younger brother and I always had to sit in the back,' she said.

'It was jolly cold with the top down and We would cower behind the cellophane screen, wrapped in rugs.'

She was 17 when she passed her driving test first time in 1936 - the year after it was introduced in the UK.

But she remembers it did not go without drama.

While trying to reverse up a steep hill, the clutch became very hot and she had to abandon the attempt.

Sprightly Jean, who has only ever had a single speeding fine, doesn't rule out still driving when she is 100

Sprightly Jean, who has only ever had a single speeding fine, doesn't rule out still driving when she is 100

'It was the car's fault, not mine, so the examiner passed me - plus he was a friend of my father.'

Her one brush with the law came when she was in her 80s and was driving to Hertfordshire to visit one of her children.

After a long wait in a traffic jam, she was finally able to get going but was booked and fined £60 for driving at 35mph in a 30mph limit.

Nowadays she uses her car to visit her daughter, Barbara Veitch, in Wiveton, Norfolk, or to shop and see friends in nearby Cromer and Holt.

'I enjoy driving and I think I'm quite good at it, although I'm more cautious nowadays,' she said.

'I'll continue driving as long as my health will allow me to and I'm looking forward to taking my new car out for a spin.'


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Wow she looks incredibly good for 94!!!

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so many comments red arrowed, will these people who have made the nasty comments, give up their driving licences when they get to retirement age, I bet not. I am 76 and have passed my medical to continue to drive, and beleive me it was a thorough test, and it is a known fact the majority of accidents are caused by drivers in the younger bracket and normally all due to speed, How ,many drivers would pass another test if they had to take on, I bet not many would. Oh by the way I have a clean driving licenceand been driving for 40 years.

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Amazing how many of you are talking out of your exhausts. Motor skills do not necessarily decline at age 60 etc. Mine are as good as a 26-year old on assessment. My reaction times are better than some youngsters, too, who are keener on chatting etc whilst driving than concentrating on what they are doing. I was trained to drive by the forces when they really put you through your paces. Older folk do not drive tired and open to risk: they'll have two drivers and change drivers. Just look at the stats for youngsters maiming others on the road and drink-driving and speeding and you can see who the clots are, and that's not counting the young petrol heads who play dangerous games on our roads. Why should she be driving everywhere in second gear... probably has an automatic, but also knows how to use gears. Some of you are really arrogant. Look at yourselves in the mirror before criticising. Age discrimination is alive and well. All of you will age - will you really stop driving?

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Never had a crash but seen thousands in her rear view mirror I bet.

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I hope she didn't spend too much on a long warranty.

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She should give up. Her faculties are undoubtedly compromised at 94. Her judgement of stopping distance, her speed of reaction to an emergency, and her peripheral vision are not adequate to drive safely. Take away the keys before she kills someone. I'm a driving instructor. - Lucy, UK, 9/3/2013 19:19 ----------------------------------------------- I was a driving instructor for 12 years and you are talking out of your exhaust pipe.

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She would not pass her driving test or hazard awareness today.- Petitpois , Inthegarden, 10/3/2013 20:46 >>>> Nor would I. Thank goodness we only have to take our test once.

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A thought for all you lot who reckons she she have are licence taken off her - what's age got do do with it if you still have all your faculties and have a virtually clean driving record ?

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She looks amazing, well done Jean. keeping on driving and showing that just because you are 94, life doesn't stop - a good role model.

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She would not pass her driving test or hazard awareness today.

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