Garay signs up with 'super agent' Mendes as he sets sights on Manchester United

By Paul Collins


Ezequiel Garay is working with renowned agent Jorge Mendes as he hopes to secure a move to Manchester United.

The 26-year-old Benfica defender wanted to work with Mendes' agency Gestifute and parted from his former representative two months ago.

Garay wants to follow in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani and Bebe, who are also supposed to have used Mendes to engineer moves to the club, according to The Mirror.

Aim: Ezequiel Garay (second right) wants a move to Manchester United

Aim: Ezequiel Garay (second right) wants a move to Manchester United


Nani's former agent Ana Almeida, and Bebe's, Goncalo Reis, both said they were still contracted to their players when they moved to Manchester.

But Mendes shrugged off the claims and said: 'There are people that have signed contracts with players and are there waiting for a Jorge Mendes to show up and take him to a big club.'

Meanwhile, Sir Alex Ferguson is confident Manchester United will bounce back from their Champions League heartache by turfing Chelsea out of the FA Cup.

United have spent the last few days licking their wounds after the shattering disappointed of European failure.

Ferguson is still furious at the manner of his side's defeat, and the controversial decision to send Nani off, which changed the entire course of a game he felt United were comfortable in.

But he knows life goes on. And for the Red Devils that means a meeting with Chelsea, against whom they have already had two titanic contests this season.

'We have a job to do on Sunday and I think we'll do that okay,' said Ferguson.

'We've gone through this procedure many times. When you're at a club for a long time there are always damp moments and dark days.

'In general we recover very well and we'll do that again.'


Deals: Jorge Mendes was involved in the transfers of Nani (left) and Anderson (right)



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Would be a waste of money

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Garay is good, but he's not as good as a young Rio. I've seen a few say that and it's pure hyperbole. Like the special one 2.0, I'd stick with Jonny Evans as he's developing nicely as a top centre half now he's put on some muscle and bulk.

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No thanks..i rate Evans higher

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Bebe didn't use Jorge Mendes. Jorge Mendes used Bebe to get 4m out of United. How that was ever allowed to happen is just a joke. We don't need Ezequiel Garay, we have Jonny Evans, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Michael Keane is getting rave reviews at Leicester.We certainly do not need this above-average defender who has played 85 games in the last 4 seasons (Evans has 110, Rio has 109, Vidic has 107, Smalling has 100 (82 for United, 18 for Fulham, Jones has 96 (56 for United, 40 for Blackburn)). Just, no.

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