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to "RPGMaker2K" Users

This is a message to the people playing the software called "Maker" series such as "RPGMaker2K", "RM95", "FM95" and "SRM95".

It is a sad fact that "RPGMaker2K" is distributed by the illegal act.

The software with which Enterbrain, Inc. holds copyright is converted illegally and distributed as "RPGMaker2K".

"RPGMaker2K" should not be distributed gratuitously.

This fact unables us to sell the software package by the regular route in North America and Europe. It will also happen to the upcoming software including "RPGMaker2003."

Someday, our creative activity may be stopped if this illegal act is continued.

If there many people who may pay to play our software exist, we are ready to develop the version for English areas in a certain form.

All of a picture, a text, etc. in this homepage have received protection of the Copyright Act.
Reproduction and appropriation of all or a part of pages are forbidden without obtaining the consent from ENTERBRAIN,inc.