The terrifying moment a pitbull mauled my King Charles spaniel: Owner releases photo of attack in a bid to catch dog's owners

  • Spot was attacked by a pitbull for 25 minutes
  • The owners gave Mafalda Clewlow fake details so she could not trace them
  • She hopes her pictures of the attack will bring them to justice

By Simon Murphy


A terrified dog owner took pictures of a horrific 25-minute attack on her beloved King Charles spaniel – as she desperately tried to drag a pitbull off her pet.

Mafalda Clewlow believed her dog, Spot, was just moments from death, clamped in the pitbull’s jaws, and wanted to capture evidence of the ordeal and the dog’s owner so he could later be traced.

The 40-year-old mother-of-two, married to Ade, 46, a former lieutenant colonel in the British Army, had been walking her dog on a public footpath when it was suddenly set upon in the vicious attack.

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Owner Mafalda Clewlow and her King Charles spaniel Spot after the ordeal

Distress: Owner Mafalda Clewlow and her King Charles spaniel Spot after the ordeal

The shocking incident, near Ouse Valley golf course, Biddenham in Bedfordshire, only came to an end after two good Samaritans stepped in to help wrench the dogs apart.


The owner of the pitbull and his girlfriend handed over fake details after the attack before they fled.

However, Mrs Clewlow took pictures of the man, believed to be in his 20s, before he left.

Despite being covered in huge bites, vets later managed to save Spot.

Last night, Mrs Clewlow, who has spent £566 on vets bills so far, said: ‘It’s horrendous, I felt I was attacked myself.

'Spot has bites all over his body and on his legs. There was blood everywhere. He’s still in agony.’

The pitbull's owner grabs his dog during the prolonged attack

Terrifying: The pitbull's owner grabs his dog during the prolonged attack

After the incident on Friday, Mrs Clewlow, from Biddenham, posted her pictures on Facebook in the hope of tracking down the dog’s owner.

By last night her pictures had been shared nearly 5,000 times on the social networking site.

She says she has been contacted by people with information about the dog owner which she is passing on to the police.

Bedfordshire Police confirmed the incident had been reported and said officers were taking a statement from Mrs Clewlow today.

 VIDEO  In happier times. Spot playing with owner Mafalda Clewlow



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The poor woman and dog!! I hope they find the owner the attacking dog and lock him up! This story is awful and it's a shame if anything similar ever happens again. Malfalda I hope spot fully recovers and lives a long and happy life - all the best, Sam x

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Good job the owner of the staff is pulling his dog away and not reaching for his phone to take pics. The lady posted it all over Facebook stating staffs should not be owned as pets or let out in public which got her a hell of a lot of negative comments from people defending the breed in their own right all of which she deleted even the messages that were non abusive in any way seems like someone likes the positive attention from well widgets but too ignorant to take any blame for her dog that was also running loose

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Hang on just coz the paper says its a pit it must be right lol the lady's Facebook said pit/staff TYPE dog. Judging by the length of its legs it is in fact a staff which is not on the dangerous dogs list nor is it included in any uk statistics for dog bites or aggressive breeds ignorant people always blame the breed. Some of this story is clearly not true 25 min attack from a staff and only came away with a few stitches no days stay at the vets!! Idiots really do fall for sob stories without hearing both sides. Her dog was also off the lead so even if the staff was on the lead attack could have still taken place as she also had no control over where her dog was no matter how well trained dogs will always approach other dogs and children too if a dog feels threatened it will bite, remember its an animal not human! It's irresponsible to walk a dog off lead also check dog control orders which state in a public place where animals and children are dogs must be on a lead.

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x6aiimz9x, It is NOT NORMAL for dogs to attack other dogs when out walking. This is a sign that you have not properly socialised your dog. Even if you have not trained your dog to fight it may still be a dangerous dog purely through your ignorance and lack of desire to train it! No dog 'looks dangerous'. Just because you have a 'hard dog' like a bull terrier does not mean people will or should keep their distance - there are plenty of lovely bull breeds out there with EDUCATED owners - it's people like you that give staffies and bull terriers bad names! Do your dog a favour and take him to a behaviourist.

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------ mzunick , clarkdale, United States, 18/3/2013 15:------Read the article properly, read previous comments by people who were there and check out the owner's facebook page before you make these ridiculous, judgmental comments!!! The owner is not the woman in the photo, she is the girlfriend of the guy who let his dog attack hers. She finally took photos after being badly bitten trying to get this dog off by herself but fortunately for her and her dog 2 very kind men came to help and took over trying to get the dog off hers so she managed to get pictures so the guy can be traced by the police. Quick, sensible thinking on her behalf.

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Andreaslovelys thank u for them kind words.this world would be such a better place if people put others first.i am neither a dog owner or lover but I wish no harm or pain to any animal.

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What the hell is wrong with this woman that she stands around for 25 minutes taking photos while her dog is attacked? She is either looking for some internet attention and notoriety or she is lacking some very important and vital brain matter. Her image in the photo taken after the attack does not show a woman upset or bothered in the least by what supposedly took place.

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What the hell is wrong with this woman that she stands around and snaps photos for 25 minutes while her dog is attacked? The whole story seems sketchy. The woman is either looking for some internet attention and notoriety or she is missing some very important and vital brain matter.

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About muzzle my dog lol, if silly little dogs choose to run up to my dogs they obviously they should be on a lead and its the owners fault aswell not just mine if it attacks it, train your dog not to run up to other dogs or keep it on a lead it's as simple as that and your disgusting aswell if you think its right to "boot" a dog.

Click to rate     Rating   23

- x6aiimz9x , London, United Kingdom, 18/3/2013 14:44 Your having a laugh aren't you!!! If your dog is liable to attack another dog then it should be MUZZLED!!! When I take my dogs for a walk in the woods I let them off the lead and expect all vicious dogs to be muzzled. Trust me if a dog attacked mine it would get a boot in the side of the head and then the owner would have me to deal with. I can't believe you've said "obviously attacked it" as if its a normal thing. You're disgusting.

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