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The Howard Stern Show for October 27, 2004


Yesterday afternoon, Howard called into the Ronn Owens radio show on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco to talk to his guest, FCC Chairman Michael Powell. Powell was not expecting the call from Howard but said he was not nervous to talk to him. Howard tried to get Powell to admit that because Michael's father is Colin Powell, that helped him greatly in getting his job at the FCC. Powell repeatedly denied that, saying there is no correlation between the two and insisted he was just as qualified for the job as anyone else at the FCC. Howard told Powell he was missing the point, that it's not a question of whether or not he's qualified, but why it is that out of all people, he was the one chosen by the Bush Administration to run the FCC? Howard also asked him why the FCC has singled him out and of course Powell denied that too. Howard asked why they weren't going after Oprah for saying the same things then, and Powell said that case is still open. Howard then asked why he couldn't get his day in court against the FCC and fight the fines they leveled against him? Powell said he could, but Howard said that's a lie, because when he and Mel Karmazin tried to do it years ago, the FCC held up Infinity's paper work to buy new stations, so they money was basically extorted out of them. Powell again denied that was the case. Because this conversation took place on someone else's show, however, Howard wasn't able to ask all the follow-up questions of Powell that he wanted to. But at least he was able to finally speak with him directly and ask Powell several of the hard questions that other journalists haven't had the opportunity to ask him.


Howard played a bunch of news reports about his confrontation with Powell yesterday. It was a huge news story, but Howard made the point that it really shouldn't be. Powell is a public servant that should be questioned by journalists and the people all the time. Everyone is Powell's boss, including Howard, and the fact that he got to talk to Powell by calling into a radio show should be a non-story, not a huge story. Howard said if journalists did they jobs and asked the hard questions, and if Powell actually went to public meetings and took questions from the people, then this wouldn't be that big of a deal. The fact that it is a big deal just goes to show how Powell and the FCC aren't being held accountable by anyone. Howard heard that Powell's people threw a fit after Howard got off the phone with him. Howard said that shouldn't happen, because Powell should be able to answer questions from anyone. They shouldn't put him in a protective bubble and keep him from talking to the public he serves. Robin said she couldn't believe that he has "people". Howard took some phone calls and everyone agreed he did a great job with Powell the other day. One guy said that you could hear the change in Powell's voice right away. He sounded like he just dropped a load in his pants one caller said. Another caller pointed out that Powell avoided answering most of Howard's questions directly. Howard said he hoped that Powell and the Bush Administration are not gong to try to retaliate against him for this, but he wouldn't put it past them.


Ronn Owens called in to the show to discuss what happened yesterday. He said it was absolutely true that Michael Powell had a whole entourage of people with him at the station that freaked out when Howard called in. Ronn said that before Powell went on, Powell's people told him they didn't want him to take any phone calls. Howard said that's ridiculous! He's a public servant! Why would he not take calls from the public? Ronn said he was able to convince Powell to take calls but it was hard. Howard told Ronn that he was a little unhappy over how Ronn kept cutting him off and wanting to take a commercial break, but Ronn said he had too. Ronn said he doubts Powell will ever come back on his show now, but he couldn't turn down the chance to have Howard confront Powell on his show.


Dave, the creator of the Robospanker called in to discuss his hallmark invention. Howard said that Dave isn't his real name and we're using a fake one because Dave doesn't want his mother to find out he's into spanking. Howard thought that made sense, but it's pretty funny when a 47 year old guy has to change his name because he's embarrassed about his mom finding out what he does for a living. Dave said he created the Robospanker because he likes to be spanked a lot and his wasn't into spanking him that long. So he built this machine so he can get spanked as long and as hard as he wants.

Dave says now his wife is a little jealous of the machine because she's losing out to it. Dave thinks he's so into spanking because when he was in the first grade his teacher had him over her lap to spank him and the entire time he was just trying to peek of her dress. Dave says he usually only uses the machine on himself for about five to ten minutes at a time, but once he tried to see how much someone could endure so he ended up being on the machine for five hours. Dave said he only meant to spend 1 or 2 hours on it, but his wife dozed off and forgot about him so he was trapped on it for five hours. Dave promised to throw a few extra features into the machine he's building for Howard, like adding a remote control feature for him. Howard appreciated that and said this is the first permanent piece of equipment he's getting for the studio in a long time. Dave appreciated the honor. Howard told Robin that he promises to use the lowest setting on her when we get the machine. Robin said she didn't think so.


Comedian Adam Carolla called in to promote the new show "Drawn Together" premiering tonight at 10:30pm on Comedy Central. It's a cartoon reality show and Robin read that it's getting good reviews. Adam voices the character Spanky Ham, a pig with one big eyebrow. Howard asked if he's with the cast or by himself when he records his voice for the cartoon. Adam said he's alone. Howard said he wants to have all the actors in one room when they record "Howard Stern the High School Years" because he thinks there is a certain energy you get when everyone is in the same room, and you miss that when everyone is separate. Adam agreed, saying his show must have horrible energy. Adam put the energy on this show at minus 1. Howard thanked Adam for calling in and Adam couldn't believe that this was it. Howard asked him what he wanted from him? Adam wanted to plug his show; he plugged it, now Howard wants to move on


to plug the book "Garden of Dreams: Madison Square Garden 125 Years". Howard played a clip of Joe singing a love song to Robin from another time he was on the show. Joe started to sing along with himself on tape, but this time was looking at Howard rather than Robin. Howard kept telling Joe that he hit Muhammad Ali so hard back in the day that Ali shakes now and can't talk right. Joe just laughed at that whenever Howard it, but he didn't try to correct Howard either. Robin is a huge fan of
Ali and kept groaning every time Howard said that. Joe did say that he was over being mad at Ali, but Howard told him he could never forget how Ali called him a gorilla. Joe agreed. Joe told a weird story about how he was arguing with his 12 year old son about something and then his kid called the cops and told them Joe was beating up his wife. But it was a misunderstanding. Gary Dell'Abate said he heard that when the cops arrived, Joe's wife had marks all over her like she'd been hit. Joe joked that was because she got in the way when he was yelling at his son. Joe also revealed that he never uses a condom. He said he wouldn't kiss someone through a napkin, so why use a condom


Howard read a column from Newsday that printed 14 "Facts" about Howard that people might not know. Howard read the list and pointed out what was right and what was wrong:

Fourteen things you might not have known about Howard Stern
1. In 1986, Howard Stern appeared as a "sub-announcer" on the game show "The New Hollywood Squares." (True)
2. As a child, Howard Stern was affectionately called "Howchie" by his parents. (True, and his parents still call him that)
3. As a student at Boston University, Howard Stern hosted a radio show called "The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour." (True)
4. Howard Stern graduated from Boston University in 1976 with a 3.8 grade point average and a degree in communications. (True)
5. Howard Stern wanted to play the role of a radio talk show host in the film "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers." He was busy, however, filming his own movie, "Private Parts." (False - Howard never knew of this offer if it existed)
6. Howard Stern is a 1972 graduate of South Side High School in Rockville Centre. (True)
7. Howard Stern's Italian name is "Tzvi." (True)
8. In 1995, Howard Stern ranked No. 1 on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List. (True)
9. Howard Stern owns a bulldog named Bianca Romijn-Stamos. (True)
10. Howard Stern has a brown belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate. (True)
11. Howard Stern can often be spotted jogging with a trainer around Central Park. (True)
12. Howard Stern's first salary was $96 a week at WRNW-AM in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. (True)
13. Howard Stern doesn't drink or smoke. (False - it used to be true but he drinks now)
14. The National Organization for Women has called for a boycott of the E! network because of Howard Stern. (True)

Contributions by: Jason Kaplan
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