Cennydd Bowles

    •   Cennydd Bowles

      Cennydd Bowles is a product designer at Twitter. Over the past decade – including a stint at acclaimed consultancy Clearleft – he has advised dozens of companies on the benefits of customer-focused design.

      Cennydd is an invited speaker at technology events across the globe, and a regular mentor of new design talent. He writes for his popular blog and influential design publications, and is author of the book Undercover User Experience Design. His second book, Designing the Wider Web, will be published later this year by Five Simple Steps.



      About Cennydd’s session


      Content in a Responsive World

      Morning workshop: 08h30 – 12h00 on 24 October


      The pace of digital change is so frenetic that even the professionals are struggling to keep up. Responsive design and mobile first are just the first salvos of the revolution. Better networks and cheaper components mean the things we make will soon crop up on a bewildering array of devices, contexts, screen sizes, and formats. Yet many of our processes, workflows, and mindsets are stuck in the last decade.

      It’s time to reappraise the way our industry works. This workshop will take a hands-on, collaborative look at designing for a responsive age, discussing new deliverables and techniques that help content thrive through the next phase of the web’s evolution.

      Topics covered:

      - What does the era of content-out design mean for content strategists?
      - If the page metaphor is dying, what replaces it?
      - What deliverables will we need to create in five years’ time?
      - How can we cater to a userbase of exploding diversity?
      - How can designers, IAs and content strategists work together more effectively?
      - Is Agile the answer to our problems?
      - What skills do we need to equip ourselves with today to handle the next decade?
      - How can we convince others of the need to change?