Frances Bean pays tribute to her tragic Nirvana rocker dad Kurt Cobain with pink hair and grunge outfit

By Hugo Daniel In Los Angeles


He died before her second birthday, but Kurt Cobain's influence still looms large over his daughter, Frances Bean.

The 20-year-old, who is the late Nirvana singer's only child from his marriage to Courtney Love, stepped out in LA last week looking just like the late rocker.

She has clearly embraced his iconic grunge style, with her messy hair dyed pink in a look often favoured by Kurt.

Grunge girl: Frances Bean Cobain was spotted in LA last week

Grunge girl: Frances Bean Cobain was spotted in LA last week

She finished off the look with an Iron Maiden T-shirt, skinny jeans, a Vivienne Westwood handbag and circular sunglasses.

Icon: Kurt with his group, Nirvana

Iconic: Kurt with his group, Nirvana

Her outing comes as proceedings against her accused stalker Marc James Franco were suspended after he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Terrified Frances may also have to testify if the case does reach trial.

Franco, 23, was arrested on October 13 last year after entering Cobain’s Hollywood Hills home and was later charged with first degree burglary.

Frances was clearly shaken by the incident and it prompted her to start a Twitter account in the days after the incident to claim the man was stalking her.

In a series of tweets on October 19, she claimed the intruder was in fact a rabid Nirvana fan obsessed with her dad.

She also revealed investigators discovered Franco’s journal that showed plans to kill her fiancé Isaiah Silva and potentially her.

Frances wasn’t in when Franco - described as a ‘transient’ - is alleged to have entered her home,  but her housesitter apparently found him doing laundry in the house.

He claimed he knew her and had permission to stay but the housesitter didn’t believe him and she called the police, law enforcement sources told celebrity news website TMZ at the time of the offence.

Rocker spirit: The 20-year-old wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt
Rocker spirit: The 20-year-old wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt

Rocker spirit: The 20-year-old wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt

In her series of tweets, Cobain wrote: 'I've started this twitter for one reason, because the police aren't doing their jobs&have released inaccurate information about the intruder who entered my home. firstly, he is not a homeless man. he is a rabid nirvana fan whose deep seeded obsession w/ kurt not only convinced him to break into my home, but we later found out that he considers my fiancé a "problem" and planed to kill him.

'The intruder wrote my fiancé's first & last name out in his journal with the words 'Kill' circled and pointing to his name.

Troubled family: Young Frances with her mother Courtney and father

Troubled family: Young Frances with her mother Courtney and father

'I figure releasing this information directly to the public will garner media attention & hopefully will mean that this bastard f*cker.

'Won't have the opportunity to be released from jail & can't hurt those i love because of his obsession with someone i'm related to.

'This situation is far more serious than a "transient" wandering into my home & eating my food.

'He was lying in wait and had the intention to kill my fiancé' and potentially me once we returned home from vacation.

'I hope this puts into perspective the seriousness of this incident. -Frances Bean Cobain.'

Franco has since pleaded not guilty to the charge of first degree burglary with the intent to commit larceny and any felony (the 'any felony' is stalking).

In court on Wednesday, Franco’s lawyer Jill Janotta presented the court with a psychiatric report of her client.

After reading the doctor’s findings Judge Michael D. Abzug decided Franco was currently mentally unfit to stand trial.

He said: 'I find that the defendant is not competent to proceed, proceedings are suspended.” He also sealed the doctor's report from public view.

Long-haired Franco was ordered to be transported from jail to a medical facility for treatment and will next appear in court on June 20 to check on his progress and whether his condition has improved enough to face trial.

Speaking after the hearing Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall, prosecuting, confirmed the case is based on the fact Franco was stalking Frances.

She said: 'The underlying felony in the burglary is stalking. Frances Bean Cobain is a witness in the case so if it goes to trial she would have to testify.'


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She looks like a good wash wouldn't go amiss.

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At least she isn't flashing her bits about like so many her age. Leave her alone!

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It's amazing how celebrities who died young have some sort of influence on their kids, and they hardly knew their famous parent. I just hope she has her own identity.

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Ehhhhh, kurt cobain died in 1994!!!

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Did they prop his corpse up for that photo taken in 2001 ??? Mind you his daughter is a more convincing zombie !!!!

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Considering he'd been dead 7 years he looks great in that picture! - Scarlett , East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Brilliant hahahaha thanks for brightening my day :D

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I hate how so many are quick to make nasty remarks about her. She's still so young and hasn't had the easiest life. Her father passed away at a young age and her mother hasn't been a stable parent. Give the girl a break, she turned out quit well considering her family situation and being in the public eye throughout it all.

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Terrible journalism yet again...

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hero worshipping a suicidal drug addict is pathetic. If him, and many others hadn't died at young ages, they'd be releasing tripe like paul mcartney.does. Red arrow me, see if I care

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Considering he'd been dead 7 years he looks great in that picture!

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