Putting to rest Miller vs Gutsu. For now.

Once again we look at a 20-year debate

Once again we’re glad to have a competition like this to look at

It was the closest Olympic AA championship ever: Shannon Miller vs. Tatiana Gutsu; the free world vs the recently free but still perilous world; the squirrelly little blonde vs. the squirrelly little Christian Scientist blonde.  Who really won?

I think it’s cool how, when there is a controversy over who between two girls won a medal, most gym fans totally bypass the judges, as if their opinions didn’t mean shit.  The Miller/Gutsu debate is a good example of this.  It has been argued back and forth for more than 20 years – and nobody gives a crap what the judges decided.  All we care about is what WE decided.

I have a proposition for everybody: watch the video below, and then re-think what you thought about Miller/Gutsu.  Starting at 2:00, Shannon prepares for what will be the best vault ever performed in the history of gymnastics.  For this 10.00 vault, the judges give her a 9.975 and stripped the medal from her.


We gym fans know it was a 10.00 vault, so we calculate that into the total score.  Shannon and Tatiana came into the AA vault, their fourth rotation, with Shannon behind by .037.  Had Shannon’s first vault (only the best one of the two counted) been scored what it was worth, a 10.00, and Tatiana’s scored what it was worth – 9.950, Shannon would have won by .013.

In the video above, after all the vaulting is done, the music (Enya) stops, and we see a silver medal on the red-white-and-blue jacket of Shannon Miller – right after we’ve watched the four vaults that proved to us that Shannon was the Barcelona AA champion.

This is not to knock Tatiana (who I look like and love), but it is to say that Shannon was robbed of a medal, just like the great Khorkina was robbed in 2004.  The good thing about Shannon was, she took it all in stride.  She prayed to her God and got clear on it, and she moved ahead to the best years of her gymnastics career.

Shannon turned it up

Shannon OWNED 1993/1994.  I believe that in these two years, she was the best gymnast on earth.  What a pleasure she was to watch – dedicated, committed, no ego, no hype.

In 1993, Shannon won the All-Around gold at the World Championships as well as gold on Bars and Floor.  She won the U.S. National title along with silver on Vault, gold on Bars, bronze on Beam, and gold on Floor.

In 1994, she repeated as World Champion and took gold on the Beam.  She placed second in the All-Around (after black Dawes) at the U.S. Nationals and took silver on every event final, while Dawes took gold on all of them.  Of course it was a fluke and biased judging, but let’s just remember Shannon for the class act she was.

Notice in the fluff video below how Shannon was always a perfect little lady – discreet, humble and cute, and notice how she never said her mother was “prego,” God fucking help us.  How far we have sunk!


Actually Shannon’s reign began in 1991, at the World Championships.  That’s where the entire world realized that she was going to have to be reckoned with for years to come.  Less than a year later, did she beat Tatiana?  The judges say no.  Many fans say yes.  But in the long run, it doesn’t matter, because those two gave us something we’ll always remember:

Grace, poise and class like we haven’t seen since and sure as hell haven’t seen in the last few quads.  Those days are gone, and we can only look back upon them and remember what it was like when the “A” in WAG stood for “Artistic” and not “Acrobatic.”

Finally, Shannon in a minor competition in 1993.  She does the beam well, but look at her when she runs to her coaches.  What a decent, appreciative, non-mouthy child.  That’s another thing that’s gone forever from USAG.


And finally FINALLY, here is the best first vault ever performed again, because it deserves to be repeated.




For someone like Shannon, the class doesn’t end when you quit gymnastics.  It’s permanent.   Go Shannon!




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  1. I Never been a fan of Miller or Gutsu, they were both amazing gymnats though. Miller is definitely the best USA has ever produced and Gutsu showed great focus that day when she knew she didn’t deserve to be there. Miller’s Vault should have been scored a 10, but you could make that same case for Gutsu’s bars. Who won will be debated until the end of time, Im still not sure who did. The thing I really take away from this competition is Milo’s preformance, if she just could of stuck her landings on bars and beam it would have been a gold medal around her neck and not bronze.

    • What I’ve always said in analyzing Gustu/Miller (much of it old and you may not have read it) is this: Miller wins the AA after vault IF the scores going into the vault for both girls were accurate. I never analyzed all four routines, and I have heard from many, as I have from you, that Gutsu’s bars should have been scored higher.

      I just love Shannon so much and admire her devotion and competitive spirit, it would have been nice for the best gymnast America ever had and one of the best the world ever had to retire with an Olympic AA gold.


      • I say the same thing with regards to figure skating and Michelle Kwan.

      • Not sure exactly what you mean. Tell me.


      • Michelle Kwan was the best figure skater America ever had and one of the best the world ever had to retire without an Olympic gold medal (I think she’s a six-time world champion or something ridiculous like that….like Shannon, Michelle dominated her sport for an entire decade almost). She should have won gold in Nagano 1998 Olympics but got screwed by horrible judges and nobody said anything because they gave the gold to Terror Lipinski, who had the artistry of a half-dead duck and no height in her jumps.

        This is probably my favorite skate by her – always gives me the chills when I watch it:

      • I guess Michelle is considered to be better than my favorite skater, Tonya Harding. Ha ha. (But I do like Tanya.)

        You know more about skating than I do, so tell me if I’m wrong: it looked like every jump she did was absolutely textbook perfect – not a flaw of any kind. Wow – that was great to watch. And her artistry was just beautiful. Nothing was forced, and all her lines to me seemed perfect.

        Tell me, has figure skating gone down the artistic toilet like gymnastics has, or do they still value beauty in that sport? I very rarely watch it. It would be sad for those gorgeous performances to turn into testosterone-fueled abortions like we see in gymnasts these days.

        If, as it seems, you are really up on figure skating, why don’t you send me videos of three female skaters (forget the males – if I want to watch fags, I’ll go to a gay porn site) who you consider to be the best ever. I would love to see them. I might do a story about them.

        Thank you.


      • I was a HUGE follower of figure skating in the late 80′s/early 90′s. Like, huge. I was very young but super into it. After Michelle Kwan retired (around 2006 I think, but she was off and on from injury) there has been nobody else who has had that “it” factor – who made figure skating beautiful to watch. It has, like gymnastics, gone down the artistry shit hole as you put it. :) Now it’s mostly about the jumps so the programs you see are mostly like this: skate, skate, skate….jump….skate, skate, skate….jump…spin…skate, skate, skate….jump. And basically if you fall on a jump or double what was to be a triple you’re hosed. Just like in gymnastics, it’s all about the “tricks” anymore whereas what sold me on a skater is what they did in between the jumps.

        Michelle Kwan is and probably always will be the best female figure skater this world has produced. Others I will mention are:

        Oksana Baiul – girl had the artistry and the flare, but after she won (surprised Nancy Kerrigan) the Olympics in 1994 she became a hott mess from the insta-celebrity (this girl went from like rags to riches) and just never was able to repeat to her former caliber. I think she got on drugs for awhile but made a comeback or two later on. Anyway, here’s one of her best performances, from that Olympics (mind you Nancy was one pissed off chick and came out like the spoiled brat that she was after she took home silver…yet I credit Nancy for pissing off your favorite figure skater to the point where she pulled the epitome white trash move and had her dirty bird of a husband come and try and beat her down…hey, she made figure skating very popular in the US for quite some time after that stunt).

        Next I’ll mention Kristi Yamaguchi, another personal favorite of mine. She won the 1992 Olympics and like Shawn Johnson a mirror ball trophy on DWTS. She’s a way better dancer than Shawn though, as shown below. The one thing Kristi had over the others was she was always so consistent. She never made mistakes, was a great competitor, and had great artistry for her time (probably not as great as Baiul or Kwan, but close). She was skating when “figures” actually mattered in the Olympics. I think it was after this Olympics they literally took the “figure” out of figure skating so that was no longer an element in their Olympic competition:

        Finally, we have Sasha Cohen – GTT’s favorite figure skater (joke). Girl had amazing potential but never could put two error-free performances together in one competition to save her life. She’d either fall in the long program after skating perfectly in her short program or vice versa. If she medaled it was mostly because the judges were playing favorites towards her or other skaters really effed up. I didn’t mind though at the end of the day because like Terror Lipinski and Nastia Liukin, this girl is full of herself. Never really got a gold medal win she deserved yet thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Here is when I first saw her – her spiral sequence actually made me gape in awe, and I was almost afraid she’d unseat Michelle Kwan as best figure skater (eventually). Like I said though she never lived up to her potential. If it weren’t for her stupid/pompous attitude I’d say it was too bad.

        Sorry for the figure skating rant. Took me back in time a bit. I no longer even pay attention to it because it’s not even worth it anymore and too depressing.

        I still keep up with gymnastics though. Despite what’s been happening to it as a sport.

      • I don’t know much about figure skating, but Oksana Baiul sure was pretty and artistic. She’s like the skating version of Omelianchik.

        So sad that skating is becoming like gymnastics. Jump jump jump. Who cares? You can train a monkey to do jumps and flips, but you can’t train him to be spontaneously artistic.

        I also watched the video you sent of Kristi, and she’s fun to watch, too. Since I know little about the sport, I don’t wrap up in it, but I did enjoy it.

        By far my favorite of the three you sent was Sasha Cohen. So beautiful and such great footwork.

        I am almost with gymnastics like you are with skating – I rarely pay attention to modern competitions because it makes me depressed seeing how the sport has degenerated. At least there’s YouTube and all the great gymnasts and competitions before Athens.


  2. Isn’t it strange that then we fought on who did the best vault, best beam etc because the girls were so amaizing and made not one single mistake? And now we fight on who makes the biggest mistake , how many etc, because now they are all crap? Look at Mustafina, she won a bronze a medal on floor with her helicopter legs

    Happy new year! I hope you’ll have a wonderful year!

    • The only thing to argue about today is who made the worst mistakes, because the Code is so ridiculous, nobody can do it. Was it Mustafina that fell and got a medal – or was it one of the Americans? I’m not really up on current stuff.

      I hope you had a fun New Year’s eve and are successful in 2013. It’s 6:05 a.m. where you are right now.


  3. Thanks for putting this together Sarah. The two interview video clips just remind me why I love Shannon so much. She has so much class. She was tough as nails but always humble and never a braggart. One thing I really admire her for is the way she overcame her shyness and insecurities as a teen to become a really poised and confident, articulate person. Did you notice in the second video clip how she quickly turned the interviewer’s complimenting of her to complimenting the interviewer? She always has that way of making those around her feel better about themselves rather than focusing on her own, considerable accomplishments. Also, I’m a Christian and am often embarrassed at all those who espouse their “Christianity” in a condescending and self-aggrandizing way, and almost invariably in aents true Christian beliefs. Shannon is a deeply-committed Christian and, while never embarrassed about it, is never condescending and “preachy” when mentioning her beliefs or doing so in an effort to promote herself.

  4. Can’t agree more. Graceful and also powerful. No bent legs or knees. She was a true artist. USAG tries to ignore her, but let’s face it – Shannon Miller is the best gymnast the US has ever produced.

  5. The judges gave Shannon’s first vault a 9.975, not a 9.750. A 9.750 would have meant they were on hard drugs.
    Without a doubt it was one of the best vaults ever performed. It was only a full twisting Yurchenko, but I find it better than a lot of today’s much harder vaults. Nobody would do it now, because of its start value in this Code (5.0), but I love it.

    The debate Shannon vs Tatiana will probably go on forever. I agree the judges should have given Shannon a perfect score, because it was really a perfect vault. Anyway, I don’t know if I would say she was robbed of this medal. Sure she was robbed on the vault, but on the other events both the girls had tiny mistakes. Sometimes I simply think I would have LOVED to see them tie for the All Around gold (ties were also very common in these years, so it wouldn’t have been impossible).
    Let me say also they were really pretty, and they didn’t look like men or girls of double their age (Shannon was 15 and Tatiana was 16 in 1992), like some other gymnasts today.

    The 1992 Olympic AA was what you can call a great competition, with two amazing gymnasts doing gorgeous routines. It was the same in 1988 with Shushunova and Silivas, another debate I don’t know if it will ever end, another great duel, with two among the best gymnasts in history fighting for the gold.
    Why we can’t see competitions and rivals like these anymore?

    You have said all the reasons I love Shannon for. She was just phenomenal, had a huge talent and a class and an artistry that are extremely rare today, and simply don’t exist in American gymnastics. I know it seems I am always criticizing the Americans, but tell me if there is another girl like her today. She is the only American gymnast I love. Maybe I like other two or three, but I love only Shannon.
    I am so sorry for her cancer, but thank God she was able to beat it. And she looked great in that video.
    In an article I also read about her disease: “Members of the Magnificent Seven, who took home the team gold with Miller at the 1996 Games, helped, too. “I actually had six members of my team with me in Jacksonville the day before I started chemo,” she says. “It was so great to see them and not think about the diagnosis.”

    Sarah, I know I often write LONG comments, but there are times, like this, in which I like writing everything I think. I hope it’s not annoying or boring for you.

    • I didn’t know what kind of vault Shannon’s first was, but I can see how among today’s Women Apes and Gorillas (WAG) it wouldn’t score very high.

      As to who should have won in Barcelona – I don’t remember if I said this in a comment to you – I know I’ve written it in stories: when I say Shannon should have been given a 10 and won, I always mean IF both girls’ scores were “correct” going into the vault. A lot of people think Tatiana had been underscored up to that point.

      For me the main thing is like you said, neither girl looked like a man or an old woman. They both had perfect gymnast bodies. Plus the bangs and scrunchies were awesome.

      The reason we don’t see competitive rivals like these two and Silivas and Shushunova is because the sport is turning away from sport and into hype and selfishness. And you probably remember, going into Barcelona, the big competition was expected to be between Boginskaya and Kim Zmeskal.

      We think alike on Shannon – simply the best U.S. gymnast and possibly the best overall person ever in the sport. After reading her mom’s book, I saw a really special girl – and not because it was her mom writing it. Claudia was quick to criticize Shannon when necessary – she didn’t just paint a picture of “the perfect daughter.”

      I’m glad you feel like writing long letters sometimes. They make me think about things. Sometimes, though, long letters take longer for me to reply to because of the time it takes, so they get put aside for a few days or however long.


      • I have just remembered these beautiful articles from The Couch Gymnast:

        http://www.thecouchgymnast.com/?p=7116 about Tatiana

        http://www.thecouchgymnast.com/?p=7165 compares London 2012 with Barcelona.
        They are both very interesting.

        Another thing: if we talk about the 1992 AA, I feel still sorry for Roza Galieva. I know this doesn’t matter in the Miller vs Gutsu discussion, but it must have been heartbreaking for her being pulled out from one of the biggest competitions of her life, and with a knee injury she didn’t have. I know it wasn’t Tatiana’s fault, but Roza just didn’t deserve it.

      • I’m going to read the articles very soon – I scanned through them and they look great. The Couch Gymnast always has good stuff to share.

        The Roza issue in 1992 is heartbreaking. I know it wasn’t Tatiana’s fault, but it’s still so hurtful. Why? Because it was possible Roza could have won the big medal. She was very talented and gained sympathy from the crowd and the judges. She was almost like another Omealianchik. But I’m happy that Tatiana won, even though I’m more on Shannon’s side.

        What a great Olympics AA contest. We won’t see anything like that these days.

        Thanks for taking so much time to ready all this craziness and to talk to me and everybody.


  6. The judges cheated. Nellie Kim giving Gutsu a ten on bars was enough suspect but when she gave Boginskaya a ten it proved she was cheating.

    Miller’s vault was at least a tenth better then the form atrocity known as Gutsu.
    Miller and Gustu both had the same bars they always did but it was Shannon’s score that went lower then she received at the entire Olympics.
    On beam they both bobbled but both had more difficulty then anyone else so I don’t argue their scores. On floor Gutsu almost touched the ground on her split double layout that was not laid out, it was piked. Miller had one step back.

    Miller was robbed. Gutsu had no artistry and her form looked like shit, bent knee’s and flat feet.

    This is much like the Gabby vs Viktoria argument. Russians say Vika should have won because overall she had more artistry but when Russians whine about the 92 AA they claim, power well Miller didn’t have as much power as Gutsu but she had more then enough and was robbed. The fucking end.

    I hate that this argument has to be fought twenty years later but you have to be blond to not know what went on here.

    • I never trusted Nellie Kim, and I don’t trust horse-face Tourischeva, either.

      If the scores going into the vault were fair and correct, Shannon should have been given the 10 she deserved and won the gold medal. I’ve heard opinions that both girls were both underscored and overscored on the first three events.

      I have to disagree on Gutsu’s form and artistry, but I watch gymnastics like a fan, not like a former gymnast or someone who knows a lot about specific skills and moves.

      You should make more comments here. You have good arguments and write well.


  7. I’m so glad we’re able to debate Shuso vs Silivas, the ridiculous depth of the USSR team in the 1980s, and this competition. It reminds me of a time when gymnastics used to be about the highest quality possible and falling on the vault would not give you a silver. A bobble on the beam took you out of medal contention. Just as it should be.

    Personally, Gutsu won-because as good as that vault was, for me, Gutsu had that something extra on the beam and bars that night. But, it’s nice for once to debate who won by 0.013 vs the travesty that we’ve got these days. I’d have taken Miller as a gold medal winner if it mean that Khorkina could have won in 2004.

    Or they could have tied for the gold. That would have been completely right. Both were different. Both were magnificent.

    • Unfortunately, this is one of the few gymnastics websites where people talk about the good old days, like Shush vs. Silivas. As soon as you say those two names, you open up a world of discussion about greatness, artistry, beauty, dedication. You sure as hell won’t get that by talking about The Fucked-up Five.

      Khorkina’s loss in 2004 was sickening. There have been so many great AA Olympic contests, but I think 1992 was the most heated and will be debated forever.

      But the contest that should be debated most is Sydney, and the Idiotic Olympic Committee (IOC) should give Andreea her medal back.

      Shannon and Tatiana, however, were the classiest, most beautiful (in their own ways) gymnasts to ever fight for an AA gold.


  8. And another thing. Shannon might have been robbed, but her losing the gold was less of a ridiculous travesty than Khorkina losing the gold to Patterson, or even, in my opinion, Komova this year to Douglas (although Komova could have stuck her bloody vault). That’s why I honestly don’t care as much about Shannon losing the gold-she lost to someone who was arguably as talented as she was. Same with Silivas-she lost the gold medal, due to cheating or not by the judges, to someone who wasn’t any slouch at gymnastics. Comaneci in 1980 lost the same way. They all lost to opponents who were unquestionably talented. That’s not happening anymore.

  9. Sorry, Sarah!, but Maroney’s vault in the Olympic teams was the all-time great:

    Jumped out of the fucking building, she did, and she drilled the landing as much as a woman can when she’s vaulted that high and that far. I’d agree that Shannon got screwed by the judges, tho.

    • McKayla’s vault might have been the all-time best in terms of difficulty, but not in terms of beauty. But after watching a regular-speed version of her vault, I believe the judges fucked her on points. It was a devastatingly awesome vault. But Shannon was beautiful. McKayla will NEVER be beautiful on an apparatus as long as she lives because she looks like a warrior and a man, as do all her other teammates.


      • And don’t forget that Shannon vaulted off of a pommel horse whereas McKayla vaulted off of a table.

      • And don’t forget that comparing Shannon to McKayla is like comparing an 8-foot ejaculation to a radical prostatectomy. Plus the pommel horse. Plus the great coaching and inner drive and quality family.

        Haven’t heard from you letely. Hope all is well.


      • OK, hilariously off the beam harsh on McKayla, but that’s our Sarah! Maroney held together wonderful form in the air and was beautiful in the stuck landing, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about in terms of beauty. Aesthetic, you mean, or the prepostorous claim that Maroney is manly?

        I’d also concede the point below that McKayla vaulted off advantageous equipment, and thank God for that. When I think of a metaphorical representation of a sudden, bad experience, there’s nothing that fits more accurately than this:

        Glad they made that element of the event safer.

      • I was just saying I think McKayla looks like a warrior, which is not beautiful. I don’t care what the Code says, I care what my eyes and heart say when I watch a routine, and McKayla was just Code-whoring her way to points.

        Thank God Gina Gogean never had to resort to that tactic.

        I’ve seen that insane video you included. That is so stupid having the horse turned longways – it’s an accident waiting to happen.


      • This is the Amanar, right? I still don’t like it as much as the original Amanar, which seems so much more clean, even if it is not as high.

      • I don’t know what this vault is, just like I don’t know what most skills are called. But I do know that Simona is one of the few who could beat Shannon’s vault.


  10. One more quick comment…

    After reading a great many comments from around the internet on the sport of gymnastics, I have found that if you ask anybody who is underscored and overscored, it will always be their favorites who were underscored when they didn’t win, and they gymnasts who beat them who were overscored. The sport is just way too subjective to spend a lot of time fretting over things like that.

    (Why does this tell me that ‘underscored’ is spelled correctly and ‘overscored’ is not? I have no idea)

    • Actually, overscore and underscore are not real words – in terms of points scoring. Underscore is a word that means to underline text. I couldn’t find either word relating to points in any dictionary. Which means it’s yet ANOTHER case of Internet slang seeping into our language to further pollute it. The Internet has turned a ton of two-word combinations into one word: login, website, etc.

      The two words in question should most likely be styled: over-score and under-score.

      And as to people thinking their favorite gymnasts were consistently under-scored, I don’t. I’ll be the first to tell you that the judges were always VERY kind to Gina Gogean. She could get away with murder.


  11. IMO vaulting off a pommel horse is so different from vaulting off a table it is almost like they are two entirely different events. If a gymnast tried to explode off the horse like they do off the table she could easily break her neck. McKayla’s TF vault and Shannon’s 1992 vault were both ones for the ages. McKayla deserved a 16.5 and Shannon a 10.0 period.

  12. Another proof to prove that big knockers are bad for gymnastics

    • Big knockers almost turned this one into another Mukhina. Wow – that was really scary. Do you remember Kerri Strugg’s bars crash? That was even worse. Lucky she wasn’t killed and was able to come back and win the Olympics on one good foot.


      • I had already watched this video, and I agree the fall was very scary.
        It’s true that big knockers are not the best thing for a gymnast, but I don’t know if they could cause something like that. Maybe it’s the reason Alicia Sacramone has never trained the uneven bars. I’ve just found this:


        This was the last competition she did bars. At least she didn’t fall, but it seemed… weird.

        Also Nadia had quite evident knockers in 1980, but she didn’t make her team lose a gold medal, and she won two golds and two silvers. And she was beautiful anyway, and also much thinner than A-Suk. Even Nadia’s (rare) falls are great if you compare them to Alicia’s.

        Poor Kerri. I felt so bad watching her fall. She is lucky she didn’t end up paralyzed. I think she was really brave and strong.

      • You’re right – there’s something about A-Suk’s bars routine in the video you sent that is . . . off. She never had control of the routine. She’s so fucking big there, it just looks wrong for her to be doing a feminine sport.

        Nadia was definitely knocking in 1980. Her fall on vault in the video was actually pretty cool. She made it look elegant. Sacramone couldn’t make an orgasm look elegant, pardon my French.

        But the Queen of falls is also the Queen of gymnastics, Khorkina. Countless times she screwed up on floor and managed to disguise the mistake and make it look like it was a planned part of the routine. I’ve never seen another gymnast who could do that. She would just turn the mistake into what looked like a normal transition move.

        I can’t watch Kerri’s fall anymore. I’ve seen it enough times, and it just makes me almost sick to watch it now. (Just like I can no longer watch Bross’ knee injury – it’s nauseating and extremely troubling.)

        I can still watch Gina’s and Moceanu’s beam crashes, for some reason. I assume you’ve seen Gina’s, but here it is in case you haven’t. Maybe the most dangerous fall ever.

        Notice how as soon as she realized what planet she was on, she got right back up on the beam to complete the routine. Amazing drive and dedication. The coaches had to finally call her down, and even then she was hesitant to stop. Had it been an American girl, she would have been immediately taken to the hospital to test for a concussion and have an MRI.

        Gina probably got a Coke as a treat on the bus back to the hotel.

        And it didn’t seem to harm her. She went on to marry a nice guy, open a snail farm, and have a baby on my birthday, little Stefan.


      • I don’t agree with starving gymnasts, and the British girls certainly do a good job looking healthy, but there is a reason certain body types are good for gymnastics-safety. It’s the same with ballet-any huge imbalance in the center of gravity will actually cause major problems for the couple together or apart.

      • In gymnastics, especially, thin is good because extra weight slows down reaction time, which could lead to death. Plus, to me, a very thin gymnast just looks more aesthetically pleasing doing her routines than one who is fat or knocker-laden.


      • OUR birthday, Sarah :) Gina Gogean kicked ass and had a baby on OUR birthday :)

        Because, I like that I get to share a birthday with you! Better you, whom I actually respect than the idiots I share it with now (two of my classmates, one of whom should never be allowed next to a human being, let alone, a sick person).

        These falls make me sick. This is why coaches yell and scream-because if they let the gymnast think they are too good, bad things happen.

      • Just imagine if you shared a birthday with Elise Ray or Aly the Jew. You would be unhappy. And me, too.

        I’m happy to have the same birthday as you. You still haven’t told me about your boyfriend/girlfriend status.

        Any time a gymnast things she is good or great, disaster is on the way. Coaches have to be strict to keep a gymnast from killing herself.


  13. Shannon just announced she is pregnant with her second child. Good for Shannon!

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