Simple rewriting secrets that "professional" writers don't want you to know!

At some point in our Internet marketing journeys, we will face the ardor of penning out high quality, unique content, be it for our websites or for our off-page SEO. After all, it IS the winning solution to ace Google!

But how many of you actually enjoy spending day after day writing quality articles from scratch? I know I don’t, because it takes up practically too much time to focus on my business’ development. I’d end up becoming a worker myself!

What about outsourcing? Sure if you are rich and have the budget to sustain it. But I think you can use that money for a better investment.

Well, here's the secret that I found on my side.

Then again, some of you may have experienced spending many hours and even rewriting a single article because you realize that you do not have much knowledge in the article’s niche and you spend more time sifting through Google’s results to find relevant content and points, rather than writing.

Or you spin an article with an expensive software that you pay $40 every month, only to produce articles that get rejected by most websites because of “duplicate content”.

Truth is, you do NOT need to have in-depth knowledge of any niche, or pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just to rewrite an article into a high quality content.

With Article Innovation course, you will be able to rewrite or spin articles into highly unique, freshly written, high quality articles.

Article Innovation

What is Article Innovation exactly all about? Here is the framework of the whole course.

Understandig the Basics and Importance of Article Rewriting & Article Spinning

You will be taught on the foundations for rewriting and article spinning so you can understand the core content of Article Innovation.

Article Rewriting Techniques (The ART of rewriting!)

You will learn the core techniques of rewriting any article into a fantastic article. ART is the core techniques you will be employing throughout your rewriting process. These are also the core techniques utilized by many professional writers and article providers, who can easily churn out quality articles at your command. Once these skills are mastered, they are ingrained for life and you can easily rewrite any article into a completely unique version of your own, without ever worrying about content again. 

The Ultimate Formula to Rewriting into a Fantastic Article

You will then learn how you can incorporate the ART of rewriting by following the ultimate formula of rewriting. This will guide you on what you should exactly do, from the very moment you open your article, all the way to ensuring that your rewritten article quality is up to the mark! No stones unflipped. Everything you need to learn will be laid out systemetically in this course.

If you were expecting more complicated stuff because it's a course, then sorry to disappoint you. The skills are simple to learn, and easy to implement. In fact, your re-written content is going to lure your readers who are going to enjoy reading them. It may even be better than the original, which will further boost your click-through-rate and conversion rates. And all these without having to waste another 48 hours of research or tunneling through Google’s results!

Article Innovation

With uniqueness ratings of your rewritten articles up to as high as 90%, no one can even tell that it was a rewritten article.

You will also learn the art of article spinning. It is a way of formatting an article so that it can produce another highly unique version at a single through a spinner software. Stop wasting money on article spinners that generate so-called unique content, which get rejected by all sites as duplicates! Even if you get through, Google can tell at one glance, and you are going to be dead duck!

This course will teach you how to spin an article yourself easily, and generate thousands of unique version that no one can even tell they are the same article! Similarly, these are articles that are going to be loved by readers, these external content sites, and even Google themselves! This leads to a massive traffic boost with your site’s SEO that is highly targeted and converting, which means more profits.

Once you learn the secrets to rewriting efficiently, you will realize even a fool can rewrite a high quality article in no time with these skills. But you must at least know how to write basic English!

Article Innovation is an online course that will teach you the secret techniques to rewriting articles efficiently and into even better content! It will focus on the art of article spinning as well, so you do not ever have to worry about your off-site SEO with “duplicate content” again.

Looking for examples of work? Here is a sample paragraph of one of my personal spun articles in 3 unique versions, all at the press of a button.

I personally use this article in the hemorrhoids niche for my article marketing projects. You can see that I've maintained my article's readability, quality and meanings despite how distinctively unique the spun paragraphs are. It's hard to even tell that they were spun from the same article!

With the skills that you acquire in this course, you will be able to:

  • Generate more highly targeted and quality traffic
  • Boost your sites’ SEO
  • Build credibility & reputation without much effort and knowledge
  • Spend more time developing your business rather than rewriting articles
  • Utilize your article rewriting and spinning skills to earn an extra income!

With Article Innovation, you do NOT need to:

  • Waste time researching content
  • Be knowledgeable of the article’s niche
  • Face the risk of getting penalized for low quality, duplicated articles
  • Waste hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on useless article spinners that generate articles that are barely readable
  • Waste money hiring people to rewrite articles, just to receive a junk article in return
  • Waste time waiting for them to rewrite only for them to go MIA

There are a few requirements in order for you to fully maximize this course.

  • You need to be literate in English. If you have trouble even forming a proper sentence, then this course is unfortunately not for you.
  • I’d need you to apply the techniques learnt from this course. High quality, unique content is the engine of Internet marketing. If you don’t treat this seriously, then you’d probably never will ace in this industry. Then you may leave now, and continue purchasing the next magic ebook. But if you follow my course properly, you can effortlessly generate content that Google loves, and save yourself massive amount of time and money!

This is a one-time payment fee, so you can officially stop wasting time and your hard-earned money on article spinners and content generating services!

30 Days Risk Free Guarantee

These rewriting and spinning skills are ingrained into you forever, and will definitely help you with your Internet marketing journey. These skills are personally developed from my own experiences, and I personally use them for my own projects as well. Yes, I stand by my product. Being able to create unique articles easily will greatly enhance your websites' SEO, and benefits you for the long run.Click on the "Buy" button and make this cheap, worthwhile one-time investment.

Article Innovation

Still considering? Well, here's a little surprise. Article Innovation comes with a ...


Free Article Marketing Bonus ($97 Value)


The article rewriting techniques that you’ll learn in this course will help you generate thousands of unique articles in just one click, but what good are they if you don’t even know how to use them effectively?

Article Marketing Bonus

Here is what you will learn in Article Marketing Bonus.

Places for Posting Your Spun Articles

Think Ezine Articles is the only place you can submit to? This free Article Marketing Bonus will teach you all whole range of places (literally hundreds of quality links) you can submit to maximize your article, and more importantly, boost your site’s SEO.

How You Squeeze Maximized Link Juice Out of Your Submissions

Although pure submission of your articles is already strong enough to boost your SEO by a mile, you ought to know that the potential of these articles have yet to be fully utilized! You will be taught a couple of final tricks to make your article marketing efforts fully optimized.

I’m not going to lie to you and say my bonus is worth thousands of dollars just to trick you into buying my course. But what I can tell you honestly is that, I’ve seen people selling such information alone for around $97. So just this bonus alone is worth more than the entire course!

The fact that you've read until here shows that you do want to succeed. Both courses can be accessed IMMEDIATELY after purchase, or anytime that you wish to, even it's 3 AM in the middle of the night. With Article Innovation, and a huge free Article Marketing bonus like this, you'd probably won't find anything else at such a cheap price like this on the Internet. Hit the "Buy Now" button now and learn these life-long essential skills right now!

Article Innovation

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