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Ruben Furtado
Sales Representative
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Ruben Furtado

Ruben Furtado

Sales Representative

Finally, a real estate agent who understands exactly what you want

It took almost 20 years and over 50 personal real estate transactions to fully understand what was missing when it came to ensuring I had the best agent representing me on the purchases and sales of our personal properties.

Many times there seemed to be a gap between what I and my realtor thought the property was worth. I felt I had to sell them on my price and they were trying to sell me on theirs. Even worse, after agreeing to list my property I’d question if the agent took on my listing because they believed they could sell it near the asking price or if they were just using it to attract potential buyers for other properties. Over the years I have worked with many amazing professional Realtors but it was those few bad apples that left a sour taste in my mouth about the industry.

It’s all about the transaction ... or is it?

As a buyer or seller you’re pretty much looking for a realtor that can get you the best price or top dollar. Imagine if you had a realtor that gave you 100% confidence in their knowledge of the current market and had master negotiating skills but most importantly worked with honesty and integrity, someone you could trust 100%. You knew he or she only had your best interests in mind and did whatever it took to help you find the perfect home, not just settle for one that somewhat met your needs. How about selling your home with an informative and compassionate professional calm approach while still getting top dollar?

Don't under estimate how stressful it may be to buy or sell...

Buying or selling should be a serious, but enjoyable process. However, it's easy to get confused with what to expect. How many showings will you have on your home? How many times will you have to get it ready for for a stranger who may or may not be interested in buying it? What will it eventually sell for? And will you net enough from the sale to meet your goals? Perhaps you already purchased and you now have your back up against the wall and every showing feels like it’s your last shot, only to get disappointing feedback, or even worse, no feedback at all.

Trust me, I been there and I get it...

As a mentor to other realtors and a successful real estate investor who broke through price ceilings multiple times my principles are simple; treat my client like I would my mother. Would you let your mother overpay for a property, or leave money on the table by underselling her home for less than its potential? How about sitting across the table from her knowing you haven’t put your full effort into selling or finding her the perfect home? I believe relationships are more important than a single "transaction". Realtors need to be more focused on building long term relationships with their customers rather than focusing on the transaction. This principle will always guide them to do the right thing and will always deliver the desired result.

My operating philosophy is to only work with someone to buy or sell if I believe I can accomplish what is being asked of me. Your goals are my goals. I live by the saying, "believe and act as it is impossible to fail" and this has always guided me to achieve every challenge put before me.

Whether you are looking to buy the perfect home for yourself or your family or sell your home for top dollar or even if you are looking to create wealth in real estate, I can help.

During our initial meeting I will share all the strategies I've used over the last fifteen years to negotiate the best price when buying and command top dollar when selling.

Admittedly, I am busy with past clients and their wonderful referrals. However, I do make some time each month to meet new potential clients. If you'd like to discuss your situation reach out to me using the form on this page and I'll respond personally.

Ruben Furtado, Profile

Ruben Furtado brings a new perspective unlike no other realtor. With over 20 years’ experience in successful real estate investing, he has leveraged his unique strategies to set new highs in sale prices and has help many of his customers meet and exceed their real estate goals in a warm calm nurturing personal professional setting.

With a sales background in corporate complex selling and years of experience in residential construction Ruben brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He has identified key trends and developed successful strategies to buy great homes under market value and sell homes at top dollar.

His honesty and integrity and most importantly his passionate for real estate has lead him to be a true expert in his field, a trusted advisor and mentor to many in the real estate community because he can always find the win – win situation even with the most complex problems or challenges. His speed and decisiveness and master negotiating skills have created a history book of success stories for his customers.

He understands the importance of finding a realtor you can trust. Prior to becoming a Real Estate Sales Representative, he bought and sold a large number of properties and at times dealt with realtors who he questioned if they were acting his and his families best interest. He looked back and identified what characteristic he wanted in a sales person and instead of finding one he took on the role willingly.

He understands buying and selling a home should be an exciting event however without the right representation it can easily turn sideways and become stressful and can negatively impact your family, friends and career. He believes most realtors have good intentions unfortunately they are focusing on the wrong thing, “the real estate transaction” rather than” building a long term relationship” with their customer. He believes if the goal is to build a long term relationship, it will always guide you to do the right thing every time.

Wants to be remembered for: The guy who would give his time to any who asked for his help no matter how busy he was. Great Friend, Father and Husband. That's all that really counts his my book.

Ruben specialize in residential Real Estate focusing on Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga and the GTA.

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