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C++Builder XE3 — Multi-Device C++ Development

For ISVs and Enterprises the #1 application development challenge today is supporting the growing heterogeneous mix of client devices, UI approaches, OS versions, and emerging form factors. With traditional development approaches, for every new platform supported, a whole new team is required to create and manage a separate codebase. This approach multiplies your costs and time to market with each addition. To turn this mounting challenge into a competitive advantage developers need an edge, a way to virtually replicate their R&D staff several times over.

C++Builder is the only native multi-device development solution for targeting desktops, laptops, Slates and tablets including Surface Pro. And coming in 2013, iOS and Android*. Embarcadero C++Builder XE3 enables C++ developers to easily target desktops, laptops, Slates and tablets including Surface Pro with a single C++ codebase.

Develop for Windows and get to Mac instantly with C++Builder’s advanced cross-compilers, a visual IDE, and the native FireMonkey multi-device application framework. Dramatically reduce your time to market while growing your competitive advantage and business opportunity with native multi-device deployment, heterogeneous database and cloud connectivity, and component-based visual development.


Agile and C++ – together at last

C++Builder XE3 delivers the best of both worlds – a highly-compliant C++11 64-bit Windows toolchain with an agile development solution. Now you can use the latest C++ features and libraries while you speed your development process with C++Builder’s visual development environment.

With C++Builder XE3, developers can use Embarcadero C++ standard extensions to provide an agile coding experience with rapid prototyping and reusable software components, and a fully integrated two-way visual development environment so you can deliver your applications to market faster.

  • New 64-bit Windows compiler based on a multi-device targeting architecture
  • C++98, C++TR1, and C++11 language standards
  • ANSI C, ISO C, C99, and C11 language standards
  • Dinkumware STL 5.3 and Boost 1.5
  • CLANG compatible
  • Agile C++ language extensions
  • Cross-compilation to multiple Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Fastest path to Windows 8

C++Builder XE3 is your fast path to the Windows 8 Style UI. With C++Builder’s new Metropolis UI, you can easily create apps with the new Windows 8 UI styling, including, touch enablement, live tile support, tablet sensor components, and more to run on Windows 8 desktops and x86 Surface and Slate tablets - and run on previous versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7. C++Builder XE3 also lets you easily migrate existing FireMonkey and VCL applications to the new Windows 8 Style UI. Even with the latest Metropolis UI you can still compile natively to Mac OS X, with the latest Mountain Lion UI and Retina support. Learn more >

64 bit
C++ 11

Create Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion applications from a single codebase

With C++Builder XE3 and the FireMonkey FM2 Application Framework you write an application once and compile natively for both Windows and Mac – including 64-bit Windows, Windows 8, Mac OS X Mountain Lion and earlier Windows and Mac versions from a single codebase.

Easily create super fast, cross platform native applications when you combine C++ code and libraries with the power of RAD visual development. Learn more >


C++Builder is your developer force multiplier

Software developers are facing more challenges than ever as users want apps that run on more operating systems and more devices than ever before. C++Builder is the developer force multiplier for C and C++ developers, enabling you to target more platforms in less time and with less effort.

Connect your applications to any data, anywhere

C++Builder XE3 includes ISV and enterprise class integrated database and middleware and cloud support. Create industrial strength database applications from embedded to multi-tier with support for additional clients on wide variety of platforms including PC, web, and mobile. With C++Builder XE3, you get integrated support for SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, InterBase, SQL Anywhere, SQLite, MySQL, and cloud services including Windows Azure and Amazon. Learn more >

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* iOS and Android targeting planned for 2013. See the RAD Studio Mobile Roadmap for full information.



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