S-YXG50 SoftSynthesizer V3.0/V4.0
Full XG Compatability in a Software Wavetable Synthesizer

Unleash the power of your soundcard by upgrading it with the S-YXG50... giving you a total of up to 128 note polyphony, over 670 programmable voices, 21 drum kits, and tons of effects processing

V4.0 works on all machines higher than a P166MMX (AMD Athlon, Durons too!)



Optimised code allows the SoftSynthesizer to run at 44.1KHz 16bit resolution with full effects processing on MMX & above PCs, features scaleable CPU and response time (response time can now be set to as low as 80ms or as high as 400ms). Full direct sound support is also featured for faster response and better operation in games.

The software offers 676 fully programmable voices, 21 fully programmable drum kits (GM/TG300B & full XG), and a staggering 3 parallel 24 bit resolution effects busses.

The S-YXG50 has won the prestigious readers award for BEST SOUND SOFTWARE, in PCFORMAT magazine. This award means a lot to our team of hard working programmers and designers, as it comes from you... the public, and is a true vindication of our policy to not charge the earth for what is now officially the best SoftSynthesizer on the market.

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S-YXG50 Operating Environment

Compatible CPU: Intel MMX or above equipped IBM PC (or compatible) with speed in excess of 166MHz.
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP (V4.0), Windows 95/98/Me (V3.0).
Memory: 16 Mbytes or more (32 Mbytes or more strongly recommended).

Please Note: Due to the anomaly in the Cyrix 686 P+ range of processors with regards to their floating point maths co-processor, SYXG50 will not function. The processor must be 100% Intel or AMD compatible and feature MMX extensions (P2/Celeron/AMD etc)

What is Ver 4.0?: Full XP and Windows 2000 support. Improved performance under all operating systems.. Please consult the "readme" file after downloading SYXG50 for more info.

Main Specifications of the S-YXG50

Voice Data: AWM2 custom technology
Wavetable Data Size: 4MB (using highly-optimised compression technology)
Multi-Timbrality:16 parts
Polyphony: 128 notes max (can be scaled by the user)
Voice Set: 676 melody voices (fully programmable) +
42 SFX voices (fully programmable) +
21 drum kits/SFX kits (fully programmable)
Sample Rates: 44.1 / 22.05 / 11.025 kHz
Synth Modes: XG / GM / TG300B

Quick Tips

  1. 1. If you are using it mainly for Bass type sounds to sit alongside your current wavetable set, then set the playback to 22kHz rather than 44.1, as bass style sounds really don't need 44.1 playback, and it will free up more CPU cycles.The more RAM you have the better, as the wavedata set is loaded into RAM.

  2. The more RAM you have the better, as the wavedata set is loaded into RAM.

  3. Important note for CYRIX 686 users: Certain slight anomalies in the original Cyrix 686 P+ range of processors, and in particular the CPUID instruction and the floating point maths co-processor, in comparison with the Intel Pentium FPU, coupled with parts of the Yamaha S-YXG50 engine, can cause some machines to crash out completly, leaving the user with a blue screen full of HEX codes. Yamaha have tested S-YXG50 with Cyrix 686 P166+ and P200+ machines, and have found that it is not recommended to try to run this application. Several of the third party 'patch' utulities also have been tried with limited success. As mentioned the problem lies with the Cyrix FPU and only on the original 686 P+ range, newer processors from Cyrix such as the Medai GX and the MX range do not show this anomaly. This does not affect anyone using this application with either the AMD K5/K6 rage of CPU's or any of the Intel range of CPU's.

  4. For more tips and solutions go to the S-YXG50 FAQ page...

Informal Guide

An informal guide to the ins and outs of Yamaha's latest software synthesis system, covering all aspects of editing, setup, troubleshooting, capabilities and much more. Slightly light-hearted. If you are thinking about downloading the S-YXG50 software but need a bit of convincing, then download this first!

Both versions are self-extracting .exe files. The first is in Word 6.0 format (.doc), and the second in Word 97 format (.doc). If you have a standard Win95 machine running WordPad only, download the Word 6.0 version.

Pease note: This guide is for version 2.1 and some of the conditions (such as latency and non MMX support) are now no longer valid. The basic operational use and tips are still valid however.

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