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These online archives show the development of U.S. fighter aircraft projects. Although the museum has quite a few fighter aircraft in its collection, this virtual gallery only presents historical information. Except as noted, none of the aircraft covered in these pages are actually on display at the museum. Click here to view a listing of aircraft on display at the museum.
tabFighter Aircraft 
Lockheed F-80
Convair XF-81
North American F-82
Bell XF-83
Republic F-84
Republic F-84F
Republic RF-84F
Republic F-84 Special Projects
McDonnell XF-85
North American F-86A, E and F
North American F-86D, K and L
North American F-86H
Curtiss XF-87
McDonnell XF-88
Northrop F-89
Lockheed XF-90
Republic XF-91
Convair XF-92A
North American YF-93A
Lockheed F-94A and B
Lockheed F-94C
North American YF-95
Republic YF-96A
Lockheed YF-97A
Hughes F-98
Boeing XF-99
North American YF-100 to F-100C
North American F-100D
North American F-100F
McDonnell F-101A and C
McDonnell F-101B and RF-101B
McDonnell RF-101A and C
Convair F-102
Convair TF-102
Republic XF-103
Lockheed XF-104 to F-104A
Lockheed F-104B and D
Lockheed F-104C
Lockheed F-104G
Republic YF-105A to F-105B
Republic F-105D
Republic F-105F and G
Convair F-106A
Convair F-106B
North American F-107A
North American F-108A
Bell XF-109
McDonnell F-110 (became F-4C Phantom II)
General Dynamics F-111A
General Dynamics F-111D to F
Lockheed F-117 (Note: The F-117 is chronologically out of sequence but is listed here for ease of numerical sequence look-up.)
tabFighter Aircraft 
Note: On Sept. 18, 1962, the USAF and U.S. Navy aircraft designation systems were combined and simplified, resulting in the redesignation of 11 aircraft (F-1 to F-11). U.S. Navy aircraft are listed here for continuity only; no information will be presented. 

North American F-1 (U.S. Navy FJ)
McDonnell F-2 (U.S. Navy F2H)
McDonnell F-3 (U.S. Navy F3H)
McDonnell Douglas F-4C
McDonnell Douglas F-4D
McDonnell Douglas YF-4E
McDonnell Douglas F-4E
McDonnell Douglas F-4G
McDonnell Douglas RF-4C
Northrop YF-5A to F-5B
Northrop F-5E to F-5F
Douglas F-6 (U.S. Navy F4D)
Convair YF-7A (U.S. Navy YF2Y-1)
LTV F-8 (U.S. Navy F8U)
Grumman F-9 (U.S. Navy F9F)
Douglas F-10 (U.S. Navy F3D)
Grumman F-11 (U.S. Navy F11F)
Lockheed YF-12
F-13 (not assigned)
Grumman F-14 (U.S. Navy)
McDonnell Douglas F-15
McDonnell Douglas F-15A
McDonnell Douglas F-15C
McDonnell Douglas F-15E
General Dynamics F-16A
General Dynamics F-16B
General Dynamics F-16C
General Dynamics F-16XL
Northrop YF-17
McDonnell Douglas F-18 (U.S. Navy)
Lockheed F-19 CSIRS (see F-117)
Northrop F-20
IAI KFIR F-21A (U.S. Navy)
Lockheed-Boeing-General Dynamics YF-22
Northrop-McDonnell Douglas YF-23

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