Mother's horror as her children watch hardcore pornography after new Argos DVD player came with 'disgusting' disc

  • Samantha John purchased the DVD player as an Easter gift for her children
  • When she wired it to her television, hardcore porn flashed up
  • Her three children were shocked by what they saw
  • Found an explicit 'XXX' DVD inside the machine

By Anna Edwards


A mother switched on her new DVD player for her children to watch a Disney film - only for hardcore pornography to flash up on the screen.

Mother-of-three Samantha John, 25, had bought the DVD player from an Argos store as an Easter present for her children aged six, four and one.

She wired it to the family's widescreen TV - but before she could insert a Disney film into the machine a 'disgusting' image flashed up on screen in front of her family.

samantha john

Samantha John, with her three children Kady, Natalya (striped top) and Kayla, was shocked when the graphic images flashed up onscreen

It was offering three different pornographic movies and showed an explicit picture from each of the films.

Stunned Samantha said: 'I panicked - I could not believe my eyes.


'It was not something you would want your children to see - it was disgusting.

'I was desperately looking for the off button on the DVD player but because it was new I couldn't find it.

'My eldest was saying: "What's that mummy?" I didn't know what to say.

'I just lunged forward at the TV and switched it off at the mains.

'I feel as if my children's innocence has been taken away from them.'


The mother discover that her children's Easter present contained a DVD marked 'xxx' containing hardcore pornorgraphy

Ms John, of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, paid £19.99 for the Argos Value DVD player after her old one broke.

But she noticed there was no remote control in the box - or any instruction leaflet.

Samantha bought the DVD last Thursday and gave it to her children on Easter Sunday.

She said: 'It was packed in the normal way, wedged between two pieces of white polystyrene.

'It looked new but obviously someone had been using it to watch an explicit adult movie.

'And from what I saw on the screen it was very explicit.'

Samantha ejected the DVD to find a white disk with the letters 'XXX' on it.


Definitely not Disney: Argos says it has launched an investigation after the mother complained to them about the DVD

She is now worried her little girls Kady, six, Natalya, four and Kyla, one, will be left damaged by the images.

She said: 'They have hundreds of DVDs but I had bought them The Tooth Fairy and Marmaduke to go with the DVD.

'I am shocked and upset that they could have ended up watching something else altogether.

'What if I hadn't been in the room?'

Samantha's father-in-law Christopher Ryan, 45, complained to Argos but claims he was told it was 'no big deal' because the girls were too young to realise what was on the screen.

He said: 'I was speechless. It is bad enough someone left pornography in the DVD player but to dismiss it like it was nothing is extraordinary.'

A spokesman for Argos said: 'Argos is a family retailer and we were extremely concerned to learn of this incident.

'We have asked the customer to return the player to our store so we can carry out an urgent investigation.'



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Hence Argos have the no quibble returns policy. I used to live in a masonette with a communial aerial and early one morning my children put the TV on only to find an Adult movie feeding through from one of the others on the link (complete with fast forwarding!). Apparently several people had the same thing. There were certainly some suspicious looks going on for a couple of weeks. Funnily enough no one ever owned up.

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No remote control or instruction booklet in the box? So you take the item straight back to where you bought it, obviously.

Click to rate     Rating   8

So, Argos sell returned goods and pretend they're new. Hands up everyone who didn't know this?

Click to rate     Rating   64

I somehow doubt the children will be traumatised. Probably living in Merthyr will be more traumatising on them.

Click to rate     Rating   73

So that's where I left it!

Click to rate     Rating   43

Mmm sure this was very harrowing for Samantha- think the kids will recover- but maybe not as they are spread across a national newspaper web site. As others have commented- a DVD player for a present- what happened to Easter eggs or a fluffy toy. And what on earth with the childrens' names- does every child's name in the UK have a Y in it? What happened to good old fashioned names??

Click to rate     Rating   36

They wouldn't be remotely bothered if she hadn't made a big fuss. Fancy getting the press in to photograph them all wearing their sad-faces... all it proves is that she's after some compo. Please don't give her any Argo! And since when do kids get DVD players for Easter? I'm taking a punt here, but she doesn't look like she works, so chocolate eggs would've been much cheaper.

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They wouldn't know what they were looking at surely, how can they be shocked by what they saw.

Click to rate     Rating   32

I dont really think they will be scarred for life,there are many simple explanations that can be given for the images...The kids are kids and shouldnt have an adults label of understanding stuck on them. Maybe its the mother who is more shocked,which asks how did she manage to have 3 kids and not know the ways of the world.

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Are children of that age even going to understand the significance of hardcore pornography or realise what it is?

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