KEVIN KYLE: I doubt Carlos will cut down trees and paint fences like I did

By Kevin Kyle


Former Scotland striker was sentenced to 120 hours’ community service in 2007 


I was the first guy ever to be found guilty of fighting with an unknown person. It was a small court in Stranraer. I went with a local solicitor instead of getting a proper QC and got 120 hours’ community service.

I did it in Nuneaton because I was playing for Coventry. The council tried to help me as I had a certain set of skills — it wasn’t a case of me picking up litter at roadside. For the first 30 hours I went to a school and helped disabled kids. I had to do a minimum of six hours a week. It was rewarding.

Day in court: Kevin Kyle was convicted of being involved in a brawl

Day in court: Kevin Kyle was convicted of being involved in a brawl

The next 90 hours was spent gardening for a disabled family. I cut down trees, weeded and painted fences. The woman who cared for the family was my time-keeper.

When I finished training I was away doing community service. Obviously it didn’t go down too well with the manager. It affected my football. I was never quite able to find form and I was loaned to Wolves.

For Carlos Tevez 250 hours will be quite a slog. They’ll try to incorporate his football. I don’t think he’ll end up gardening.

Going nowhere: Kyle was released by Rangers last month

Going nowhere: Kyle was released by Rangers last month

Asking him to work 40 hours a week will be nearly impossible because he’ll be off everywhere with Manchester City.

It’s the end of the season soon. I’m sure he will want to go to Argentina but I don’t think he’ll be allowed because he has to do a certain amount of hours. I had a little boy in Sunderland and I couldn’t see him much. My boy was in the same country, whereas Tevez has family abroad. That might be an issue.



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released by rangers? ---- crikey where can poor kevin go now?

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Stop whining!

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Liam Neeson had a 'certain set of skills', Mr Kyle is an opportunistic footballer-turned-yob.

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