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An Open Letter to the Secular Community

It is an amazing time to be part of the secular movement. Look at what’s happened in 2012 alone. We held the Reason Rally, the largest event our community has ever had, which brought over...


The Unbelievers - World Premier - Hot Docs 2013 Films

Toronto Canada   April 29 - May 4With their (r)evolutionary creed “believe in science, not God,” renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss court controversy, enraging as many as they enlighten. Witness them crusade to...



An Appetite for Wonder UK book jacket  US book jacket

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Fundamentalist Christians discrediting science
by Nash33, posted: 08 Apr 2013 11 Category: Religion
I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian church. In the 1940s when I was a teenager, I remember the preacher from time to time would make statements discrediting scientists. Two examples I still remember are:...
How does one prove reason?
by tjmapa, posted: 08 Apr 2013 12 Category: Religion
In order to figure out anything, we need reason. Where did reason come from though? How can we prove the existence of reason? It seems we cannot prove reason with reason, which is circular...
Faith healing finding the science behind the pseudoscience
by stegeta9000, posted: 08 Apr 2013 4 Category: Pseudoscience
Hi all, I am a very curious person and I must question everything and also try to rationalize everything, however there are some issues that I have no explanation for, this does...
by Jay G, posted: 07 Apr 2013 32 Category: Atheism
Hello: Religious teachings include inculcating a sense of gratitude towards the "Creator".  Priests/Rabbis tell people that they ought to be grateful to God for the gift of life and this beautiful universe...