Womens Traditional Clothing

Omani women wear eye-catching national costumes, with distinctive regional variations. The choice of colours, particularly in the past, was linked to a tribe's tradition. However, all costumes incorporate vivid colours, vibrant embroidery and decorations. The Omani women’s traditional costume is comprised of several garments. The dishdasha which is a long tunic whose sleeves are adorned with hand-stitched embroidery of various designs. The dishdasha is worn over a pair of loose fitting trousers, tight at the ankles, known as a sirwal. Women also wear a head shawl most commonly referred to as the lihaf. In today’s fast-paced world, the women of Oman are opting for practicality and reserve wearing their traditional dress for special occasions. In its place women now choose to wear a loose black cloak called an abaya over their personal choice of clothing, whilst in some regions, particularly amongst the Bedouin, a face mask known as a burqa is still worn.

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