Blackburn crisis deepens after director Shaw leaves Ewood Park over Berg compensation

By Chris Wheeler


Blackburn Rovers hit renewed trouble yesterday when Derek Shaw, their managing director, was sent home from Ewood Park.

Shaw was presented with a letter from the club’s Indian owners and told to remain at home pending an investigation into the amount of compensation due to Henning Berg, who was sacked as manager after only 57 days in charge at the end of December.

Michael Appleton succeeded Berg, only to be sacked last month after just 67 days at the helm.

Money row: Blackburn's owners presented Derek Shaw with a letter concerning compensation for Henning Berg (above)

Money row: Blackburn's owners presented Derek Shaw with a letter concerning compensation for Henning Berg (above)

But the situation with Shaw, the club’s managing director since last June, further destabilises a club now in serious danger of suffering a second relegation in two seasons. #

Last night officials at the club were unavailable for comment.

There was further bad news for Blackburn, currently 19th in the Championship.

Paul Robinson is out for at least six months after being treated for a blood clot on his lung.

Bad news: Rovers keeper Paul Robinson has been diagnosed with a blood clot

Bad news: Rovers keeper Paul Robinson has been diagnosed with a blood clot

The former England keeper, 33, developed the potentially fatal condition after major back surgery last week and was kept in hospital for two more days over the weekend before being allowed home.

A statement on the club’s website read: ‘Paul is set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines after suffering serious respiratory complications following a back operation last week.

‘The former England international developed a pulmonary embolism, which will rule him out for the next six months.’

The former Leeds and Tottenham star, who has 41 England caps, has not played for Rovers since early December and is widely expected to leave Ewood Park at the end of his contract this summer.



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can you believe anything the Venkys allow the media to report?? remember when Kean told us Nelsen was 100% out for the season but 4 days later he made his Spurs debut...?

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More bad news for Blackburn Rovers and their insidious fans? Excellent! Chickens coming home to roost!

Click to rate     Rating   49

Toffee blue keep your nose out and stick to having a go at Bill Kenwright like you always are,you have no idea what the Blackburn Fans have had to put up with,I've always had a soft spot for Everton but people like you will make me think again.

Click to rate     Rating   44

The fans and Blackburn deserve this! The constant heckling of Kean last year and even this year when you started the season reasonably well. I wouldn't shed a tear if you got relegated at all, as most fans of football wouldn't.

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The FA should charge Shebby Singh and the Venkys with bringing the game into disrepute.

Click to rate     Rating   82

I hope they go down just to chase these clowns out.

Click to rate     Rating   30

Shebby Singh is totally useless. His football opinions on ESPN in Asia were tolerated as he was the "local" voice with the likes of Steve McMahon and other UK ex professional footballers on their football coverages. This self confessed Spurs fan talks absolute rubbish. Along with the Venkys it's a perfect combination to ruin a traditional football club! The Venkys are not respected in India!

Click to rate     Rating   101

Blackburn shud appoint Warnock he would make chicken tikkas out of them Indians in a week! They wouldn't know what's hit them good old fashioned British manager that's what's needed there !

Click to rate     Rating   53

Cluck cluck.

Click to rate     Rating   14

Hoo Boy, all of Blackburn's troubles started after they appointed Shebby Singh as their Director of Football. He should have continued as a so-called football expert instead of messing up Blackburn big time.

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