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In 2010/2011 the City of Wanneroo is investing more than $35 million on the building, upgrading and rehabilitation of the City's roads.

Hepburn Avenue Duplication (Mirrabooka Avenue to Bellerive Boulevard)
Early in 2012, construction of the second stage dualling works recently completed for Hepburn Avenue is anticipated to commence from Mirrabooka Avenue to Bellerive Boulevard, near the Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex.

Lenore Road Deviation (Ocean Reef Road to High Road)
Lenore Road will be deviated around Kemp Street to join the signalised intersection at Ocean Reef Road. The remaining section of Lenore Road will be upgraded from Kemp Street to High Road, including a new roundabout at Elliot Road.
Construction of the first single carriageway has been deferred to commence in 2012.

Flynn Drive Realignment and Upgrade (Wanneroo Road to Tranquil Drive)
Flynn Drive will be realigned to a new signalised intersection with Wanneroo Road. The remaining section of Flynn Drive will be upgraded from the deviation to tie into new works at Tranquil Drive.
Construction of the single carriageway and new signalised intersection has been deferred to commence in 2012.

Pinjar Road Realignment and Reconstruction (Wanneroo Road to Galileo Avenue)
The $8 million realignment and upgrade of Pinjar Road commenced from the Wanneroo Road end in April 2010, with a portion of the road opened to traffic in December 2010. Works are scheduled to be completed by December 2011.

Click here to view a plan of the Pinjar Road Realignment and Reconstruction

Joondalup Drive Duplication (St Stephens Cres to Tumbleweed Dve)
Joondalup Drive will be dualled from St Stephens Crescent to Tumbleweed Drive with an estimated completion date in October 2011.

Ocean Reef Road
The City has been successful in securing a grant of $7.03M under the Federal Government's AusLink Strategic Regional Program for the extension of Ocean Reef Road (4.40km) from Hartman Drive to Alexander Drive. The project scope involves the construction of a four-lane dual carriageway, street lighting, intersection treatments, landscaping and pavement marking/signage.
In view of the need to secure land, seek necessary approvals and to meet LandCorp's requirement to fulfill the needs of adjoining land development in Wangara, the City is undertaking the construction of this project in two stages:
Stage 1 from Hartman Drive to a new road named Prestige Parade was opened to traffic in March 2009.
Construction of Stage 2 from Prestige Parade to Alexander Drive commenced in April 2011 and is scheduled to be completed in February 2012.
The construction of Ocean Reef Road to Alexander Drive would also see major changes to the alignment and layout of Gnangara Road. The section of Gnangara Road from Coverwood Promenade to Alexander Drive will form part of Ocean Reef Road. Gnangara Road will terminate at Madeley Street, which will be extended northwards to the new Ocean Reef Road and renamed as Mirrabooka Avenue. The section of Gnangara Road from Madeley Street to west of Coverwood Promenade will form part of the local road network.
Traffic signals will be installed at Ocean Reef Road/Mirrabooka Avenue/Sydney Road intersections, as well as construction of a new roundabout at the new Gnangara Road/ Mirrabooka Avenue intersection.

Plans of Ocean Reef Road Extension.PDF
Proposed Road Alignment and Road Network.PDF

For further details contact the City on 9405 5000.

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