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How do you get your free book into the hands of readers? There are many avenues, and some require you to invest time a week or so before your promotion, and others on the day of your promotions. Either way, expect to spend a fair chunk of time marketing your free book.


There are many places to advertise when your book goes free on Amazon. Here are the ones I know of that will list you for free. The two big ones are Pixel of Ink (POI) and eReader News Today (ENT)–securing a listing on one or both of these will almost certainly spike your book high on the free list.  The ones that are marked with a  * are the ones that listed Perfection Unleashed for its September 2012 free promotion.
Remember to submit to these sites at least a week in advance of your free promotion.
On the day(s) your book is available for free, list them at these sites:


I also posted on Facebook pages and groups on my free days. When you post on a page, your message is truncated and shrunk into a tiny box on the right hand side of the page. Choose your words carefully so that the words “FREE” show up when the message is truncated. I also sent a direct message to the page owners, telling them that my book was free and asking them to share it on their page. When they choose to share your post, your post is promoted from that tiny box on the right hand side into the main section of their page. You’ll note that many of these Facebook pages are the Facebook presence of the websites above. These provide you with a second chance to get listed if you’re not picked up in the first pass. The ones that are marked with a  * are the ones that listed Perfection Unleashed for its September 2012 free promotion.
Facebook Pages:
Facebook groups (You need to be a member of these groups in order to post on the site, so remember to join in advance)
If you know of any other websites, Facebook pages and groups where authors can advertise their free books, please send me a note or leave a comment so that I can keep this page updated.


I used Twitter extensively on my free days. On the first free day, I requested RTs of the following Twitter accounts with large followings and who tend to promote free books. I got a couple of RTs, not many. (One day, when I have time, I’ll make the following links live so that you can click directly to the Twitter account. Do not hold your breath, though… :-) )
@IndieAuthorNews @KindleDaily @TheBookTImes @IndieReviewers @FreeBookDude @greatkindlerd @DIGITALinktoday @novelspot @KindleDaily @indiebookpromo @BookYrNextRead (Use the tag #BYNR) @KindleThrills @100freebooks @YourBookAuthors @IndieAuthorNews @wisegrey0wl @bookfinda @IndAuthorSucess @Top_authors @IndieBookTweet @SpecFicPick @topamazon @kindlefreebooke @AllKindleFire @kindle_promo @TweetTheBook @DigitalBkToday @freenovelkindle @novelfreesf @kindlesfnovel @kindletop100 @kindleauthors @dailysf @Kindlbookreview@FreeEbooksDaily @eBookDiscovery @DIGITALinktoday @FREEeBookDeal @WritersRetweets @TheKindleWhispe @FreeEBooksDaily @ebookdealofday @freedailybooks @TweetinURBook @Kindle_Max @WritersRT @Superfabbooks @IndAuthorSucess @AlanKealey @RTtheBEST @TheReadersGuide @BookReviewIndie @free_book_promo @FreeEbooks_4U @AuthorKarma @MasqCrew @FantasySci @TweetYourBook @Kindle_FREE @4FreeKindleBook
On the second free day, I used a WLC Tweet Team, and on the third day, I selectively requested RTs from some of the Twitter accounts listed above.
Twitter is great, but will not account for the bulk of your free downloads, so don’t feel compelled to overload this channel with marketing. I had only 210 clicks on my bitly link to Perfection Unleashed’s product page on Amazon on my free days. That’s a fraction of the nearly 9,000 free downloads on Perfection Unleashed.

Family and Friends

I deliberately avoided tapping into family and friends in part because I intend to tap into them for my December 2012 launch of Perfect Betrayal and Perfect Weapon. That said, this channel has the potential to drive lots of downloads. The best way to connect with them would be through Facebook. Post a message informing them of your free promotion, and ask them to like and share it. If others like it (and you’ll receive notification,) send them a note and ask them to please share it too.

Other channels

On my free days, I posted in several threads in Amazon’s “Meet Our Authors” forum. I also posted my promotion on Craigslist for several major US metropolitan areas. In December, I plan to leverage my LinkedIn network as well even though it tends towards the professional networks for my day job.
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  1. I wanted to say this post is awesome and has been such a help. Thank you for taking the time to write it!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this info into one place! Best of Luck in the future! =)

  3. Luke Romyn says:

    Jade, you rock. This is the best list of these sites I have found to date – even though it took me the better part of an afternoon to submit to them all! Thank you so much for sharing.

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