Meet Leigh-Ann

Leigh-Ann Bellew is a strong fiscal and social conservative who has been working to help ensure Life, Liberty and Prosperity for New Jerseyans for over a decade. She is a mom, an educator, and someone who has fought for our right to keep and bear arms and the life of the unborn.

Like most New Jerseyans, Bellew is convinced that NJ taxpayers are already overburdened and would cut spending rather than increase taxes and signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to District 13 that she will not raise taxes. As a lifetime member of the NRA, she will fight to give NJ citizens the right to defend themselves against an intruder in their own homes. Learn more about Leigh-Ann Bellew by clicking here.



Thank you for considering to make a donation to the Bellew for State Senate campaign. It is important for the campaign to get its message of Life, Liberty, and Prosperity out to the voters in District 13, and your contributions to the campaign are greatly appreciated. New Jersey law limits contributions to $2,600 per person per candidate. Click Here to donate.



Every campaign cannot be successful without the help of a group of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers make up the backbone of the campaign and are committed to helping ensure Life, Liberty, and Prosperity for the citizens of New Jersey. Over the course of the next two months, we will be walking throughout District 13 to contact voters and get them engaged in the political process. We need your help! Please consider joining the Bellew for State Senate Campaign. Click Here to volunteer.