The Cube
The Cube

Well I've put a few things of interest on this page...
Instructions for solving Rubik's Cube
Tree of who taught who starting with my teacher
a 3d Rubik's Cube applet

matt's rubik's page - with better instructions ;)

programs I've written:

free online 2x2x2 Solver

free online 3x3x3 Solver

free online 4x4x4 Solver

Who taught who...

Well, as I recall, I first obtained a Cube back in Decmeber of 2000, along with a number of my friends, as a sort of Christmas gag or something. At any rate, having this device meant that I could not let it leave my mind until it was completed. And once learned, I spread the knowledge.

Andy Watson (my mentor) taught me (Eric)
I (Eric) taught several people:
  Chelsea Bue
  Yuen Law
  Alex Johnson
  Katie Rose McNulty
  Nick Skinner
  Steve Fisher-Stawinski

Want to make an addition? No problem. Just email me.

The Mystery Unravelled...

The Cube has fascinated minds for decades, and I have witnessed the amazing enlightenment that comes over the faces of its solvers.

I recommend that you read the entire document at least once before attempting the Cube yourself.
If you are at an absolute impass, you may email me for help.
Special thanks to Andy Watson for her help in teaching me the mystery that is the Cube.

Note: This site has no affiliation with the Rubik's Cube Trademark.

Solving The Cube

Written by Eric on his birthday in 2001, and revised on his birthday in 2002.
Feel free to copy and/or modify this document for your own use(s) as you see fit.

The cube can be broken down into three main categories:
Learn the definitions
Learn the general procedure
Learn the specific combinations for each segment

First of all: Get yourself a Cube! Then learn the definitions.
A Cube is made up of 26 cublets (the little cubes that all come together to make the big cube).
There are three types of cubelets to a Cube:
Center cubelets (note that centers do not move):

Edge cubelets:

Corner cubelets:

When making a turn, you turn one of the following faces a quarter-circle turn in one of the specified directions:
Top and Bottom (turns left or right):

Left and Right (turns up or down):

Front and Rear (turns clockwise or counter-clockwise):

When solving a portion of the cube, there are often two steps: positioning and orienting.
Positioning a cubelet means putting it in the correct location, yet not necessarily facing in the correct direction.
In the following, the upper-right cubelet is positioned correctly
(the white, red and green cubelet is between the white, red and green centers)
but it is not correctly oriented:

Orienting a cubelet means facing it in the correct direction, yet not necessarily putting it in the correct location.
In the following, the upper-center cubelet is oriented correctly
(the top center color, white, is facing up, and the side color, red, is facing out),
but it is not in the correct position:

In the following, all accounted-for cubelets are positioned and oriented correctly:

Next: Learn the general procedure.
Basically, the Cube is solved layer by layer, as broken down here:
If you are still feeling that you can solve the cube on your own with only a minor hint, then do not read beyond this section.
Step 1: Choose a top color. Keep the center-cubelet that matches this color on top at all times!
Top Layer:
Step 2: Solve the top-layer edges.
Step 3: Solve the top-layer corners.
Middle Layer:
Step 4: Solve the middle-layer edges.
Bottom Layer:
Step 5: Orient the bottom-layer edges.
Step 6: Position the bottom-layer edges.
Step 7: Position the bottom-layer corners.
Step 8: Orient the bottom-layer layer corners.
Step 9: Show off your new-found skill to everyone you know.

Finally: Learn the specific combinations for each segment.

3d Cube applet...
Mess with the controls to play!
Use a Java enabled browser to play!

Original Applet by Yuh-Jye Chang, whos site is here.

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