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This website is dedicated to countering the dogmatic and frequently ill-informed attacks levelled by self-styled skeptics on parapsychology and pioneering researchers in general.
We take the view that 'my mind is made up - don't confuse me with facts' is not a useful premise from which to conduct a reasoned debate.
As well as investigating skeptics, we look at ways in which scientific objectivity is compromised by vested interests, fraud, experimenter effects and merchants of doubt, who use skepticism as a weapon to further corporate interests.
We also explore current controversies and look at open-minded investigations, which use the scientific method to investigate the unknown.

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Wiseman et al Concede on ESP

Journalist Steven Volk reports that Richard Wiseman has admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that "by the standards of any other area of science, [telepathy] is proven". Even more incredibly, another leading skeptic, Chris French, agrees with him
Report by Chris Carter... Does Telepathy Conflict With Science?

James Randi - Skepticism's Great Achilles

A new piece on James Randi from Steve Volks's blog
10 Developments in Fringe-Ology:5
and... Randi's Long-term Companion admits Passport Fraud
Artist Deyvi Pena faces deportation from US

A New Controversy!

Chris French and his critics
Soapbox science - Anomalistic Psychology

Debunkers Concede on Evidence for PSI

The excellent Subversive Thinking website has published a number of concessions by leading professional debunkers. We reproduce the statements by Richard Wiseman, Ray Hyman, Susan Blackmore and Donald Hebb.
Extract from Subversive Thinking

The Amazing Meeting - London October 2010

A Report on the second London counterpart to the Amazing Meetings held in the US by the James Randi Educational Foundation. Billed by their website as 'a world-class fundraising conference' TAM London boasts speakers including Richard Dawkins and Alan Moore. Graham Nicholls remained unconvinced by their 'rather limited understanding of science'.
TAM London 2010 Report

Deep Division in the Skeptic Movement

An Interview with Paul Kurtz
Paul Kurtz is the leading institution builder amongst the opponents of supernaturalism, having founded the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) and the Council for Secular Humanism and the publishers of Skeptical Inquirer. Based on an interview with Kurtz, an article by Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times October 1, 2010 reveals serious conflicts amongst Humanists.
Closer Look at Rift Between Humanists Reveals Deeper Divisions
Also... A short video I'm a Skeptic
More on this subject, Guy Lyon Playfair's CSICOP's 30 Years War

An Ungodly Row

Dawkins sues his disciple
By Tom Rowley and Alistair Walker The Independent 25th October 2010
Josh Timonen was one of a small coterie of young protégés around Richard Dawkins, sharing his boss's zealous atheism. But now he and the evolutionary theorist have fallen out spectacularly. Professor Dawkins's charity has accused Mr Timonen of embezzling hundreds of thousands of pounds. The two atheists had become close...
Article in full... Click here

Richard Wiseman refuted by Chris Carter

JSPR has published a penetrating critique by Chris Carter of Richard Wiseman's latest attack on parapsychology - his 'Heads I win, tails you lose' paper published in Skeptical Inquirer.
Chris Carter's reply... Wiseman refuted
Chris Carter is also the author of two books: Parapsychology and the Skeptics - see book review on this website - and his latest: Science and the Near Death Experience.

French controversy on the sense of being stared at

Some pseudo sceptics in France have launched a propaganda campaign against the sense of being stared at. Their claims are based on ignorance of the literature and distortions of the evidence, and are exposed on an excellent French web site that examines the claims of dogmatic skeptics... French pseudo scepticism (All in French)

Richard Dawkins comes to call

A dialogue between Rupert Sheldrake and the atheist with a mission which turned into
A Low Grade Debunking Exercise

Links to Outstanding Websites

For a comprehensive list, go to Links index

SCEPCOP - Scientific Committee Exposing Pseudo-Skeptical Cynicism of the Paranormal
A new website debunking skeptics... www.debunkingskeptics.com
SCEPCOP also hosts a forum... www.debunkingskeptics.com/forum/index.php
Particularly recommended is the review of the Society for Psychical Research study day in London on Oct 25 called Spotlight on Skeptics
Investigating Atheism
The purpose of this site is to set current controversies in their historical context, and to offer a range of perspectives (from all sides) on the chief issues raised by the 'new atheists'.
Another good website: Atheist Delusion

Julio Siquiera's anti-pseudoskeptic website. He's been "fighting" with dogmatic skeptics and refuting them since some years and he has a very good website exposing them:
Criticizing Skepticism


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Bertrand Russell and the mind-body problem

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Rupert Sheldrake's talk on streaming audio:

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Skepticism: Virtue or Weapon?

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In his contribution to the Edge Foundation New Year feature, Rupert Sheldrake explains his rethink on Skepticism.

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