Stop-work order issued on Matt Lauer's sprawling, $3.5m, 40-acre horse farm by town of Southampton

By Rachel Quigley


Horsing around: Construction has begun on Today Show host Matt Lauer's horse farm in Long Island

Horsing around: Construction has been halted on Today Show host Matt Lauer's horse farm in Long Island

Matt Lauer's renovation of a multi-million dollar property in the Hamptons - which he is turning into a horse farm - has been stopped by residents in the area.

His decision to turn the $3.5million property into a farm for 30 horses angered residents living around the area and many attempted to prevent the construction.

And it seems that almost six months since the work began they have been successful, after the town of Southampton issued a stop-work order on part of the 40-acre property.

According to the New York Post, the order was posted last month on the former office structure.

Though he cannot put a home on the property, he is allowed to build structures necessary for agricultural-related business - i.e. his horse farm.

He also planned on using it as a residence for six groomsmen.

A source told the Post: 'When tearing down the old office they found rot. We need to fix the roof before work can begin again.'

The massive estate includes 36 horse stalls, a riding arena and a man-made pond where children skated this winter.

'We’re not at odds with the town,' the Lauer source added.

The Today cohost is also dedicating a portion of the property as a small nursery where grown trees are being replanted.

The battle over the fate of the land, located on Deerfield Road in the exclusive town of Water Mill, has been ongoing and neighbors are unlikely to stop their mumblings.


Local officials are getting complaints from residents who say the farm will be too intrusive and could cause traffic problems.

Situated in the area of Water Mill, the property was previously a tree nursery and is right next to the news anchor’s $15million mansion.

Pony paradise: Lauer plans to transform the 40-acres of farmland into an equestrian's dream with an indoor arena, paddocks and barns

Pony paradise: Lauer plans to transform the 40-acres of farmland into an equestrian's dream with an indoor arena, paddocks and barns

Luxury pad: The new farm is minutes from Lauer's $15 million mansion, seen here surrounded by woodland

Luxury pad: The new farm is minutes from Lauer's $15million mansion, seen here surrounded by woodland

The property listing describes the land as 'magnificent' and details the 'incredible' views of the ocean and surrounding greenery.

When completed, the luxury stables will reportedly boast an indoor arena, paddocks and barns.


But neighbors told the New York Post that the property will cause too many issues into the area because of its size.

Resident Dee Hunter told the newspaper: 'It’s just too big. They presented this as a little old family farm. But there is supposed to be room for 30 horses? Do they each ride six horses?'

Investing: Lauer is gradually adding to his properties in the famously upmarket Hamptons

Investing: Lauer is gradually adding to his properties in the famously upmarket Hamptons

Another neighbor, Harriet Whittenberg, told the Post that the plan will impede on residents' lifestyles.

'Just because Lauer and his wife have this dream doesn’t mean that you can take down the quality of life for everyone,' she said.

The price of the property itself is just spare change for Lauer - the highest paid TV newsman - but many more millions will be spent transforming the sprawling 40-acre farmland into a pony paradise.

Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, a Dutch model, and their three children will be pleased with the project as they are believed to be the real equestrians of the family.

The area is a favorite of celebrities with Richard Gere, Christie Brinkley and Kelly Ripa all a stone's throw away from the farm.


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The complainers don't know what they are doing, a horse ranch managed correctly is beautiful! This Ranch could offer the community allot of things from organic fertilizer to organic fire bricks for fireplaces along with a world of other benefits. It's his property and as long as he keeps it neat the neighbors should leave it alone. funny how there could be drugs next door and nothing would be said because it wouldn't be in the open to the public but something beautiful causes the neighbors to get up set. I hope the family gets their dream of a horse ranch and the neighborhood settles down.

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Don't you just love trouble making neighbors... I'm pretty sure if his property cost him $3.5 Million He will take great care of it and his horses... His neighbors need to stop being busy bodies and let him finish his project so his horses have a home... Good Luck Matt!!

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40 acres and the neighbors are complaining? Really? Because those horses are going to impede on your lifestyle HOW?? They're all just jealous, and afraid that it will increase their home value which will then increase their property taxes. I'm sure they pay thru the nose now. It's just absurd. Someone should be able to improve their horse ranch any way they want. 40 acres... not 1/4 acre. Like the neighbors will see anything.

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Horse Farms Raise the neighborhoods property values. There is no good reason to oppose one. Everyone complaining is an idiot or they are Jealous.

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Horse Farms actually Raise Property Values. Anyone opposed to a multimillion dollar horse farm with a riding arena in their neighborhood is an idiot. - Jessica Gocke

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I think it's very generous of him to give a home to 30 horse. Otherwise, they would still be working the streets.

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Oh those poor people in the Hamptons. He would disparage their quality of life. boo hoo.

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Why would anyone consider a serious horse farm that far north ? Not that we want him in Marion county Florida.

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why dont the residents just mind their own yards.. jealousy stinks. and its not horse.... chit

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