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Technology and Social Media for Collections Care

This wiki grew out of Nancie Ravenel's presentation "Technology and Social Media for Collections Care", for the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Connecting to Collections forum, June 17, 2009, Buffalo, NY. Hopefully, with the bibliography in wiki format, others will add their thoughts, observations and links.

Bibliography for Technology and Social Media for Collections Care contains links to websites cited within that presentation.

Connecting to Collections-Raising the Bar contains links to websites cited within Nancie Ravenel's presentations for the regional workshops Connecting to Collections: Raising the Bar , May and June, 2010, organized by Heritage Preservation with support from IMLS, the Peck Stacpoole Foundation, and the Bay and Paul Foundations.

More social media for collections care sites contains links to websites that were once in Technology and Social Media for Collections Care but were removed due to time constraints. Also contains interesting links on topics that were requested by forum participants as well as links to examples that might be helpful to those starting out in social media.
Return on Investment contains links to posts regarding ways of measuring success and thoughts on what success might mean in regard to social media projects.
Social Media Guidelines contains links to discussions and posts with links to social media users guidelines.
Wikis contains links to information about wiki sites and software with examples of wikis related to social media and collections care.

Related bibliographies

Daniel Cull, “Socialized Learning « Dan Cull Weblog,” Dan Cull Webblog: Conservation for the I-Generation, October 22, 2009,, accessed October 22, 2009.
A bibliography of sources relating to social media and the conservation of cultural property that conservator Daniel Cull personally finds useful.

Richard McCoy, “International Conservation News » Blog Archive » Guten Morgen, You’ve Got Homework,” International Conservation News, October 26, 2009, accessed October 26, 2009.
Some of the suggested readings for the participants of the Salzburg Global Seminar, Connecting to the World's Collections: Making the Case for the Conservation and Preservation of our Cultural Heritage. Topics include values as they relate to preservation, disaster preparedness, as well as social media as it relates to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Related webinars

Casey Long and Sarah Steiner, Strategy for Blogging and Social Networking Georgia Library Association, March 16, 2011, accessed March 21, 2011.
Strategic planning for social media as undertaken by two libraries of different size and staffing with an eye towards "maximizing impact of the tools while minimizing the workload of generating quality content".