Rubik Solver Sources
Rubik Solver Sources

The source code for my various rubik solvers are freely available. They are, for the moment, released GPL (e.g., free to distribute and modify but it and its derivitives must always remain free and open source). There are a number of sources which may be of interest:

2x2x2 solver source - CGI and command-line version
3x3x3 solver source - CGI version
3x3x3 solver source - command-line version
3x3x3 solver binary - command-line version (executable only)
3x3x3 solver source for Kociemba's method - command-line (not written by me)
4x4x4 solver source - CGI version
4x4x4 solver source - command-line version
4x4x4 solver binary - command-line version (executable only)

The command-line versions are probably what you're looking for if you're just interested in seeing the algorithm behind the solver. The CGI versions are designed to be implemented on CGI enabled HTTP servers for use over the internet.
All the above projects are written in C++. If you have any questions about the source (implementing, understanding, etc), feel free to contact me for help (with the exception of Kociemba's sources which I didn't write).
The 3x3x3 solver is the oldest (and thus, messiest) of the sources. The 2x2x2 code is basically stripped down 4x4x4 code. The 4x4x4 code is (arguably) the most organized. I'm also currently working on a completely generalized NxNxN algorithm (in Java this time). Let me know if you have any input or bug reports.
Also if you do implement or use the sources, or even find them particularly interesting, I would like to kindly and emphatically encourage you to write me a quick email about it.

and for good luck here's a REALLY old prototype of the solver in Qbasic source.

- Eric

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