HTC confirms 23 April arrival for HTC One in Australia

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Optus, Telstra, Virgin and Vodafone have all announced their plans for the HTC One handset.

(Credit: CBSi/Sarah Tew)

Apres Virgin, le deluge: HTC has now confirmed that all four major Australian telcos will have the HTC One available from 23 April, with pre-orders being taken from 5 April. Some of the plans that are being offered are outlined below.

  • Optus: AU$3 monthly handset repayment on the AU$60 consumer plan. The plan includes AU$650 worth of calls, 1.5GB of data and unlimited SMSes. The total cost over 24 months is AU$1512.

  • Telstra: AU$10 per month of repayments on the AU$60 per month plan. The plan includes AU$600 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMSes and 1GB of data. The total cost is AU$1680 over 24 months.

    Telstra will also hold the exclusive on the black version of the One, and will offer Beats Solo headphones valued at AU$199 to customers who order online while stocks last.

  • Virgin: AU$3 repayments each month on the AU$59 a month plan. The plan includes AU$700 of call credit, 3GB of data and unlimited mobile calls and texts to other Virgin customers each month. The total cost over 24 months will be AU$1488.

  • Vodafone: AU$5 upfront on the AU$60 plan. The plan includes AU$700 value for standard and international calls and MMS, and 1.5GB of data. The total cost over 24 months is AU$1650.

    Vodafone will also have the Beats headphones as a bonus gift up until 22 April.

These, obviously, are not the only plans that each telco will have available for the HTC One. Telstra will also be offering the One for purchase outright at AU$768.

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MarlonR posted a comment   

Hi Nic, you've said that the phone will be available for outright purchase on Telstra, where did you get this information from? Can you point me to the source so that I can hopefully book one in please?Thanks!


HoneyB posted a comment   

What on earth is HTC thinking? Haven't they learnt from their marketing mistakes? Why have they given Telstra exclusive rights to sell the black version of the HTC One? Apple and Samsung makes their model range available from any telco ..... surely that's a logical way to sell more phones!

HTC, are you listening?


Shannon.Roberts posted a comment   

I think people will be saying, "you've got to be joking" on the Vodafone side of things comparatively ?.

Id be happy to pay to premium with Telstra and get no qualms with their services, but Vodafone being more expensive than optus ?, out of the two id still bite the bullet and go optus. I still have people with Vodafone i hear regardless of their injection of money in to their infrastructure, the service is still the same ?


PeterK3 posted a reply   

Vodafail have revised their handset price from $5 p/m to $3


PeterK3 posted a reply   

Vodafail have revised their handset prices from $5 to $3p/m


CoreyT posted a comment   
United Kingdom

So it isn't available until April 23rd, but Vodafone is throwing in Beats Headphones until April 22nd? ...ermmmm


PeterK3 posted a reply   

You're confused. They're offering that with any pre-orders made up until that date, unless they decide to extend the offer.

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