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About the Pyramid
Pyramid Facts and Figures
  • Number of floors: 48

  • Largest Floor: The fifth, measuring 145 feet per side and containing 21,025 square feet of space

  • Smallest floor: the 48th, measuring only 45 feet per side and containing 2,025 square feet of space

  • Total space: 530,000 square feet

  • Total height: 853 feet, including the 212-foot spire

  • Number of elevators: 18, with two reaching the top floor

  • Number of windows: 3,678

  • Type of base: Four-level, multi-use, including lobby, restaurant and garage

  • Components of base: Approximately 16,000 cubic yards of concrete, encasing more than 300 miles of steel reinforcing rods.

  • Exterior material: White precast quartz aggregate

  • Excavation commenced: December 1969

  • Depth of excavation: 52 feet

  • Depth of concrete mat foundation: Nine feet, the result of a 24 hour continuous concrete pour

  • First steel placed: November 1970

  • First occupancy: Summer 1972

  • Number of people working in the Pyramid: More than 1,500, employed by more than 50 firms

  • Maximum number of parking spaces in the building's underground garage: 280

  • Architect: William L. Pereira & Associates

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