The Marvelous Beauhunks; ‘Who Said the Kids Are Alright?’ Review

The Marvelous Beauhunks, a classic punk rock band from Oshawa, ON, have got to be one of the best modern “Classic Rock” bands I’ve ever heard. It’s a refreshment in the ‘Punk’ More »


The Color Morale Release New Song “Strange Comfort”!

The Color Morale have released a new song and lyric video for “Strange Comfort.” Stream it below: More »


New Found Glory Demo New Songs!

New Found Glory are demoing new songs for next releases. Check out a tweet from Chad Gilbert below! Just finished up 2 more @newfoundglory demos for new songs with my man @cyrusbolooki! #savingpoppunkrocknroll More »


Real Friends Interview

Guitarist Dave Knox of Chicago Pop Punk band ‘Real Friends’ answered a few questions Thursday Night! Checkout what he said below:     Please list the name and respective instrument of each band member. More »


Eat Your Heart Out Tour, Festival.

  The Eat Your Heart Out Tour is kicking off on February 1st with King Conquer, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Sworn In, and Adaliah. The tour will also be making a stop More »

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Summer Set: Legendary Review

The first track ‘Maybe Tonight’ has  that classic “Summer Set” sound we all know and love. It’s a glorious mixture of Pop and Rock and Roll, blended together to perfection. Lyrically the song is incredibly inspiring.

The second track ‘Jukebox’ (my favorite track off the album) has a great Pop-Rock beat and kick-ass melodies. It’s a great rocking song about going to a bar and listening to rock and roll, there isn’t much better than that. I love the intro of the song “Life Goes on! We’ve got all night! If you’ve got rock and roll, you’ll be alright!” The way it’s shouted puts me in a great “weekend party” mood.

The third track ‘Boomerang’ has a great catchy chorus. The beat is pretty poppy, it’s a really great “sing along” song with lyrics that are easy to memorize and recite.

The fourth track ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ is great, at this point it seems I haven’t got anything bad to say about the album at all. The chorus of this song is incredible, by far the best of all the tracks.

The fifth track ‘Heart on the Floor’ isn’t my favorite style of music, vocally it’s wonderful but in my personal opinion it’s probably the weakest song of the album. The music just doesn’t quite speak to me like the other songs do.

We all know the sixth track ‘F***K U Over’ , the single that was released awhile back. I loved this song when I first heard it, and I still love it. It’s a lot more poppy of a song than I usually listen to, but the fun message of the song just puts me in a good, fun mood.

The seventh track ‘Happy For You’ starts off slow then blasts into a catchy and poppy chorus. I don’t generally like sappy sad songs about old loves, because I hate thinking of past relationships, but this song is awesome and many people are able to relate to it, which makes listening to it a great personal experience.

The eighth track ‘The Way We Were’ is another catchy pop-rock song, lyrically decent, vocally spectacular. The message is fun and interesting, looking back on old fun times, which is something everyone likes to do. It’s also about second chances and repairing broken relationships.

The ninth track ‘7 Days’ again isn’t really my favorite, it’s about a seemingly bad relationship, saying that “Sometimes we fight and hate each other, but sometimes we love each other” almost like another version of Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold”. But, overall it’s music sound and fun to listen to and sing along to. Maybe I’d like it more if I could relate.

Track ten ‘Someday’ is wonderful, I love it! It’s a great song about not being satisfied with what you have and working towards a better life, that you want and love. The chorus is incredibly catchy, after listening to it once you already have most of the words memorized. This song, to me, has the best message out of all the songs on the album.

The eleventh track ‘Rescue’ has a unique beat, and musically very different from the rest of the songs on the album. Original musically and original lyrically. The message is clear, being there for a friend in need. Overall great track.

The final song, track twelve ‘Legendary’ the song the album is named for, has a really cool message, though the lyrics aren’t quite as catchy as other songs, it tells a really interesting story. It has a very upbeat sound and very relatable lyrics.

The album overall instill euphoria into the listener, I feel good after listening to it, like some kind of wonderful drug. And this particular drug is addictive, I’ve listened to it all the way through at least 10 times now. If you’re contemplating picking is up, DO IT! You won’t be “F**ked Over”!

The Marvelous Beauhunks; ‘Who Said the Kids Are Alright?’ Review


The Marvelous Beauhunks, a classic punk rock band from Oshawa, ON, have got to be one of the best modern “Classic Rock” bands I’ve ever heard. It’s a refreshment in the ‘Punk’ scene to see a band that favors the roots of punk rock. The band’s overall sound is very similar to popular classics like; The Clash, The Ramones and The Smiths. TMB (as I will call them for simplicity) recently released an EP titled “Who Said the Kids Are Alright?”, I have for you a review of this EP below:

The first track “Who Said the Kids Are Alright?” gets started right away, right away you can hear the influences of the classic punk bands in the sound of the music and style of play. This particular track has an interesting story, with a message that really appeals to me. The beats are wonderful, and lyrically quite catchy.

The second track “Don’t Mind Doin’” starts off with a funky rhythm, which I personally love, it adds the classic 80′s punk feel the EP, it really closely resembles The Clash. The message of this song is a great punk message, nice and carefree.

The third track “Just Got Back From Too Far Gone” is interesting, and starts with an almost twangy guitar riff with nice beats. It is a song of regret, but I certainly don’t regret giving it a listen, and neither will you!

The final track “Sticky Kisses” has a great beat and really concludes the EP well. The best way to keep a fan coming back, is to finish strong, and TMB really does that well here. Again, if you’re a fan of the classics; The Ramones, The Clash, Etc. then give these guys a listen!

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Streetcar Rendezvous Review

I’ve listened to 6 songs by the band out of Los Angeles, California. I’ll give my opinion for each song individually, given the number of songs there are!

The first song is “Everything Will Be Fine.” Personally, I wish the vocals would be higher such as the chorus vocals the whole way through. I feel like that would complete it. The melody is catchy and the instruments are catchy. The song keeps your attention from start to finish. Not to mention, I watched their lyric video on the song and discovered that they draw very nice pictures. :)

The second song is “Propane, Propane.” This song reminds me of the band Mixtapes. It’s very relaxed, but it’s upbeat at the same time. The girls vocals added a lot of substance to the song by making the chorus brighter and creating the bridge! I like the vocal range that’s used in this song. This is probably my favorite song of them all.

The third song is definitely the most relaxed song of them all. It’s called “Somebody Else.” This song seems to have more feeling than the others in terms of lyrics. The lead guitar in this song is what brings it all together. It adds very much to the song and I don’t think there’s a better thing they could have done with it. Again, I do think the vocals should be higher.

The fourth song is “Stoned.” It’s clearly about being high. ;) The chorus has catchy instruments. However, I don’t think the yelling in the background fits too clearly with the mood/feel of the song. The slow guitar solo gives the song such an ambient feel, which is definitely a plus. This is probably my second favorite song of them all.

The fifth song is “Between You & I.” This song also reminds me a lot of Mixtapes. Some of the vocals in this song seem a little out of key in the beginning and some of the vocals don’t seem to flow throughout. The girls vocals should be easier to hear as well. The piano is really brought out in this song; it sounds great and the lead guitar, once again, couldn’t have been written better for the feel of the song.

The sixth and final song is “Casualty of Love.” Some of the vocals are out of tune with the song in this one and some of the harmonies aren’t as good as they could be because of that. Otherwise, I really like the constant flow of vocals throughout the song. This song seems to have a lot of feeling in it too. However, I don’t feel as though the lead guitar should constantly be doing something. It makes it much more important and present when it’s saved for the parts where you really want it.

Overall, you’d be missing out on some music if you didn’t go and give Streetcar Rendezvous a listen! At least Propane, Propane because that song is pretty nice. Make sure you get the link below if you’ve read through this whole thing.

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