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Lottery Director is professional-quality Lottery software and Lotto software that tracks public lottery games. The lottery software analyzes Lotto games, in which a player chooses lottery numbers in a field of up to 100 numbers. The lottery software also analyzes 'Pick-3' games with numbers from 000 to 999, and 'Pick-4' games with numbers from 0000 to 9999. More than 240 lottery games are included. It has over 800 built-in Lotto wheeling systems. Players can also create custom Lotto wheels automatically. The software also has complete Straight and Boxed wheeling for Pick-3 and Pick-4 games. It has the most extensive lottery combination filtering of any lottery software, worldwide.

Here are unsolicited comments from lottery software users.

"There are many people who know I play the lottery and ask which software I use. I always recommend Lottery Director, especially because of its filtering capability and ability to create new wheels." "Over the years, I have purchased five different lottery software programs, ranging from cheap to very expensive. There is only one that I now use, and that is Lottery Director. Its ease of use, filtering capability, and wheel creation features make it superior."

Lottery Director goes far beyond trivial ideas like "temperature" of lottery and lotto numbers -- 'Hot', 'Warm, or 'Cold'. It gives you complete analysis of your lottery and lotto game. And it goes beyond the 'numbers'. This lottery software checks every method of selecting numbers. You can 'Expand' for clear overviews of your lottery or lotto game -- 'Zoom' in for the details. Your reports are focused on facts -- easy to understand and use. With this lottery software, you can check for winners at each prize level -- with more options than you'll find in any other lottery software. You see exactly which combinations made you the most wins in your lottery and lotto games, and which ones gave the least. These lottery programs and lotto programs can show you how your game works -- long term, and recently.


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What is lottery software for?

What lottery software does for you, and does not do.  A must-read for anyone looking at lottery software.


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About  Lottery  Director:


Lottery Director software tracks Lotto games,
including 'Powerball' and 'MegaMillions'
kinds of games.

It also tracks 'Pick-3' games (000 to 999),
and 'Pick-4' games (0000 to 9999).

It's easy to use.
One click -- see your Help screens.

Complete Guidebooks, Tips and Strategies.
All are free downloads.


More than 220 game histories are included.
Lotto, Pick-3, Pick-4,
Powerball, MegaMillions, and more.


USA  and  Canada.
U.K.,  Ireland,  Australia,  New Zealand,
and more.
They are ready to use immediately.


Lottery Director has more than 800 wheeling systems.
Choose your wheel from a simple menu.

Test any wheel -- before you play it.
See how it matches prizes in your game.

You can also create custom wheels automatically.
You can import your favorite wheels.

The software also gives you complete Straight and Boxed
wheeling for Pick-3 and Pick-4 games.


Lottery Director has the most extensive wheeling and
filtering of any lottery software, worldwide.

Fit your combinations to your playing goal
and your budget -- with total control.

Preview each filter -- before you decide.
See what it does to your playing cost
and winning chances -- in advance.

You play your games with complete control
and with top economy.


Complete Software.
This is complete software.  Everything is included.

With free Guidebooks, Tips and Strategies,
and the finest Support for you.


The way  all  Lottery Software
ought to be.


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