Boys Grade School Dress Code

Gentlemen’s Uniform and Dress Code (K-8)

Fit and condition: Clothing should not be excessively tight, or body hugging. Conversely, pants should not be so loose that they are at risk of falling down. Clothing should be of generally good condition—without holes or stains. Items like pants may be patched from the inside if necessary. If pants have belt loops, then a belt must be worn. Belt loops may not be removed and leave holes or be unsightly.

Tattoos and Piercings: Students are not allowed to have visible temporary or permanent tattoos. Aside from one piercing in each earlobe for earrings, piercings are prohibited.

Shoes: The intent is for students to wear dress-type shoes. Dress shoes reflect the formal nature of the classroom environment. Athletic shoes as an alternative to dress shoes are discouraged, but if worn must be of a uniform black or brown color (no contrasting components), of leather or leather- like material and lack contrasting stitching, decorative adornments (e.g., stripes or Nike “Swoosh”) or a plastic sheen; such shoes should be very plain and logo-free. Shoes should be closed toe. Hiking boots, work shoes, “combat boots” and any type of shoe that extends above the ankle are prohibited.

Polo Shirts: Polo shirts, whether long- or short-sleeved, shall have only two or three buttons at the neck closure. The intent is to prohibit shirts with openings that extend down the chest such that modesty is at risk.

Backpacks, Lunchboxes, book bags, etc.:  These lists are intended to include extra items a student may bring to school. While it is not the intention to limit choices it is important to maintain school philosophy with regard to these types of items. Therefore, there are no color restrictions or design restrictions, however, no logos, advertisements or characters are allowed. Exception to Dress Code Rule: A small brand name identification is permissible. For example, a 6-inch Nike symbol would not be allowed, however, a small 1-inch unobtrusive name like Cabela’s would be acceptable. A backpack with “Colorado Rockies” displayed on it would not be acceptable. A lunch box with characters (i.e. -Bugs Bunny or Sponge Bob) would not be acceptable. The Headmaster or the Dean of Students will have the final say in determining acceptability.

Apparel advertising tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, and/or offensive slogans are not acceptable attire at school-sponsored activities. Clothes making statements with sexual innuendoes are not allowed. The wearing of clothing, jewelry, or a style of grooming that is identified with membership in a gang will not be tolerated in school or at any school-sponsored activity. Apparel that interferes with or endangers self or others while participating in school or school sponsored-activities is not allowed. Dress will not be worn that causes or is likely to cause disruption of the educational process. The final decision as to the safety or unsuitability of the clothing, hair or jewelry will be left up to the Headmaster. Anyone who cannot follow the dress code for medical or religious reasons will need to talk with the Headmaster.

Students must be in code to attend class. Students in violation of the dress code will be sent to the office and must call a parent or guardian. Parents will either bring acceptable attire, or students will be sent home with their parent or guardian. These absences are NOT excused.

Gentleman’s Pants: Tan/khaki or navy blue dress slacks that reach to the shoe but are not dragging on the ground. Pants and shorts need to be logo free. No patch pockets, extra zippers or seams. No oversized, super-baggy pants will be permitted. Dress slacks (with belt) are to be worn at the waist. During hot weather months (beginning of school – October15th and March 15th – end of school) tan/khaki or navy blue walking shorts with belt may be worn. Shorts should go to just above the knee but not below, and should not be tight fitting or excessively baggy. The leather (or faux leather, but not cloth) belt will be black or brown, free of grommets, logos, words or other adornments and should match shoes. The buckle should be worn centered on the body and be plain—no rodeo-style or other uniquely shaped (hearts, smiley faces, etc.) buckles are permitted.

Gentlemen’s Shirts: Solid white, red or navy blue collared, knit polo shirts (two-or three-button, no logos, except the CA logo). Shirts must always be tucked in. Red, white or navy blue tee shirts may be worn under polos; red, white or navy blue turtlenecks may be worn under long sleeved polo shirts only.

Gentlemen’s Footwear: Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes should be either black or brown leather or leather-like material when worn with the uniform (pants or shorts). Tennis, sneakers, or jogging shoes will need to be worn to gym class.  Black and brown shoes need to be conservative in style, with a neat and clean appearance. The shoe may not extend higher than the ankle at the heel. Socks will be solid black, brown, tan, white, red or navy, logo-free, with either shoes or athletic shoes. A small (less than ¼”), inconspicuous colored band is permitted at the top of the sock.

Gentlemen’s Hair: Hair should be neatly combed and styled. Hair should not be arranged or colored so to draw undue attention to the student. Hair must be natural looking and conservative in its color. Radical changes in hair color during the school year are unacceptable. The hair may be as short as needed, but no shaved heads. No Mohawk, rat’s tails, or braids are allowed. No hairnets or bandannas. Gentlemen should be clean-shaven. Students will be allowed to have modest sideburns not to extend below the bottom of the earlobe.

Gentlemen’s Jewelry: The intent of this jewelry policy is to minimize distractions and reduce the risk of injuries should students come in contact in PE or other activities. Students may wear one pair of small (no larger than a nickel); small gems are permitted. Ear “plugs” or “spools” are prohibited.  Necklaces should be metal-tone and fine linked or leather; any pendant must be concealed under the shirt. One watch with a band that is rubber (-like), metal toned or leather, uniform colored, and not distracting (e.g., Mickey Mouse watch face) are permissible. One small bracelet, leather or metal –tone, is authorized. Plastic, gel or rubber bracelets or “scrunchy” hairbands worn as bracelets are specifically prohibited. One metal-toned ring per hand is permissible as long as there are no sharp protruding or dangling adornments. Anklets are not allowed.

Gentlemen’s Headwear: Hats and sunglasses will not be permitted indoors and must be stored.

Gentlemen’s Outerwear: Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn to school for warmth. Sweatshirts and jackets worn to and from school must be stored during classes and between classes, other than during the lunch period. Sweaters worn in class will be in uniform red, white or navy in cardigan, pullover or vest style. Sweaters will be free of hoods. Sweaters should be of “knit” material – no fleece material.