UnrealIRCd modules by fez (Eric)
UnrealIRCd modules by fez (Eric)

* f_setsince v1.0.2 (Created: 11 Jan 2004, Updated: 17 Oct 2007) - Unreal3.2.3+
command /setsince for a /stats u hack (e.g., to change your server's "uptime")

* f_staticcloak v1.0.2 (Created: 11 Jan 2004 Updated: 17 Oct 2007) - Unreal3.2.3+
an alternative cloak module which gives all users a static hidden host, and has a few other options.

* f_antiidle v1.0.2 (Created: 12 Dec 2006 Updated: 17 Oct 2007) - Unreal3.2.3+
prevents server-link resets by peer due to crappy ISPs not relaying PONGs or such things, read antiidle.txt for more info. Adds command AWAKEN which resets idle time and creates a timer to automatically broadcast this command to other servers at a regular time interval.

* f_auth v1.0.2 (Created: 17 Oct 2007 Updated: ) - Unreal3.2.3+
an authentication module - forces user authentication to connect.

* f_ulinessl.zip v1.0.2 (Created: 14 Feb 2010 Updated: 16 Feb 2010) - Unreal3.2.3+
This module removes users from a secure (+z) channel if the +z mode is set by a U:line, thus ensuring the trust that all users on the channel are connected securely.

* f_pmspy v1.0.2 (16 Oct 2007) - Unreal3.2.3+
Spies on private messages. UNETHICAL. Email me with a compelling rationale for link.

* f_logchan v1.0.2 (16 Oct 2007) - Unreal3.2.8+
Sends all channel messages to a logging channel. Like f_pmspy. Email me with a compelling rationale for link.

Wish you had specific functionality on your server?
I do custom module coding on a freelance basis. Contact me to inquire about creating custom modules to suit your specific needs. Get your server customized like you would get your stationary customized.

ADVISORY: How to tell if your Unrealircd network is spying on you:
- Ircops: If you type /modules and you see:
*** irc.somenet.net Hooks: 3 6 7 13 15 16 17 18
If the hooks contain the number 17, then private messages are being snooped. If it contains the number 18, then channel messages are being snooped.
- All users: If you type /version and you see:
Unreal3.2.7. irc.somenet.net FinWXeOoZEmM3 [*=2309]
If the third field (the 'server flags' - the string of random letters) contains the letter 'm', then private messages are being snooped. If it contains a 'M', then channel messages are being snooped.
Always be weary of UnrealIRCd servers that don't respond to /module.
Note that even if your server doesn't blatantly spy on you, any unencrypted (i.e., non-SSL) communication you send over the internet can still be intercepted at any of the gateways between you and the server. That is just the nature of communication on the internet. Communicate wisely.
Note: Some modules may hook private messages or channel messages but may still not be explicitly spying on you, for example the module may be preventing a specific type of spam or something. If you see these hooks in place, you should consult the network administrator as to their specific purpose, and judge for yourself.

more to come later...

AngryWolf's site which has several other modules...

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